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Moving Issues

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Hello Everyone,

I'd like to preface this message by saying I've had a year of great service from BT, but now that I have moved houses they seem to be avoiding me like a bad smell. The story will make the most sense as a timeline:


7th October: I put in a moving order online with my details, great stuff it says my phone and internet will switch straight over on the same day I move (the 12th) I already know there's an openreach modem at the house so I assume it will be as simple as flicking a switch but it says there will be an engineer visit on the 12th anyway


8th October: I receive a message (text and E-Mail) from BT saying that there has been a change and the new start date will be the 14th, okay not too bad I can probably survive without internet for a couple of days


12th October: No engineer shows up, okay I wasn't really expecting one too witht he change in the start date but the order still said he would


14th october (Today): This is where things get really interesting, I obviously still have no word on the engineer, but at 14:00 I get home having run some errands and use my mobile data connection to check on the order, for a start I have been given an reference number that doesn't work with the online order system! So I sign into MyBT and click on the bar at the top that says your order is in progress to try and track whats going on - this now says your order will complete on the 18th October - I try to 'track the order' and it says that there is an problem and it can not track my order at this time it may have been placed within the last 24/48 hours.


I'm pretty annoyed at this point so I phone customer services and get through relatively quickly and the conversation goes something like this:


me: Hi I'd like to track my order


CS rep: what is the order number?


.....A lot of back and forth confirming the order number and account details later...


CS Rep: thanks for holding, that order will be completed on the 12th of October


me: Yeah that was the orignal date but I was sent a message saying that had changed


CS Rep: I know you were sent a message but I can confirm that order will be completed on the 12th


me: But that was 2 days ago and it still hasn't activated


CS Rep: umm hold on a sec please


....a minute or so later....


CS Rep: thank you for holding, Yes your order will now complete on the 18th of October


me: so there will be an engineer visit on the 18th?


CS Rep: yes there will be


me: oh okay, thank you




To say the least I wasn't particularly thrilled about this, but about an hour later I got a message saying the phone line was now active, so I check it and it is actually working, but thats not really what I want the only reason I have the phone line is so I can get internet.


And finally BT goes for the kill, at 18:16 today I receive a message saying that now the engineer visit and my internet activation wont be untill the 23rd October?!? I have so far been given no reason for any of the delays in my order, I would say no apologies but pretty much every message I have received from BT has been prefaced by 'sorry'. 


Does anyone know if there is anything I can do to get my internet installed quicker?? I appreciate it is more complicated than just flicking a switch, but we have all the equipment, the phone line is obviously active, I have the home hub and modem set up and plugged in - we probably just need someone to get to the switch box at the end of the street! I'd like to say I'm also extremeyl annoyed at the way BT just seems to be pushing me back more and more with no explanation and with terrible communication in general! I bet if I phoned Virgin Media tommorrow I would have internet by wednesday! 



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Re: Moving Issues

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Hi this can happen occasionally however it is an Openreach problem not one of BT retails there could be several reasons for the delay lack of available engineers or in the worse possible one is lack of space on the street cabinet and they are waiting for a cabinet upgrade
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Re: Moving Issues

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Thanks for the response its more of an explanation than BT gave me!


This morning I have phoned and canceled the BT infinity installation and will go with an unlimited broadband installation instead once the order cancellation has gone through, having searched the forum I have seen posts from this year who have said in certain areas it's not uncommon to have to wait one to two months for an infinity installation and I'm not willing to sit around waiting to see if BT pushes back my order any further.

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Re: Moving Issues

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Just a quick up date and warning to anyone who actually read this, I spoke to BT again this afternoon and put asked to be put on BT unlimited broadband and calls, I now have a third account in two years with BT and my 'Installation date' (I already have a BT Home Hub and I DID have a working phone line) is now a day later again, it's a self install and I have all the equipment so what this mystical installation is I have no idea. 


So to anyone who wants to try and get internet quickly just go with someone else, I officialy give up BT have brow beaten me into submission I no longer care.

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