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Moving during cooling off period


Now that my line is active and basic 17mbps broadband setup, I can see that fibre is available.

I have spotted a cheaper deal with a competitor for 72mpbs fibre than offered by BT. As long as the alternative provider completes the move before my cooling off period ends with BT, do I need to do anything to close my account with BT?

The person I spoke to on the phone at BT said as long as this is the case, no action from my side is required and I wanted to confirm this.


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Re: Moving during cooling off period

Hi @barneyfish Im sure the 14 day cooling off period is from the day you place an order not from when the service starts. You might want double check that hopefully someone else will confirm for you. 

If BT has sent you any equipment like a home hub you will be billed for that. 

‘Has fibre only just been made available at your street cabinet and it wasn’t available when you first placed the order. 

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Re: Moving during cooling off period

Hi @Zombie, thanks for your response. The cooling off period starts the latest of (1) order placement (2) equipment delivery (3) service start date and in my case this is service start date (yesterday). Here are the T&C's where this is stated, so hopefully I'm good in this regard.

I have placed my order with the other provider; I'm just not sure whether I need to cancel directly with BT or whether the move to a new provider will take care of this automatically.

Fibre has been available at my property for a while I believe, but I recently moved into the property and it seems that the line was completely disconnected so BT could not tell me fiber was available until they'd setup the line and provided me with a basic broadband service. Now that's in place, it has been confirmed that fibre is available (as expected!).



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Re: Moving during cooling off period

I would check with BT as you may get charged for the line installation/activaion as you are going to cancel and move to another ISP

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Re: Moving during cooling off period

My daughter ordered a BT Infinity package online for her new house. The builder had already installed the equipment so all BT had to do was send the Router and Youview box in the post. This was on the 30th of March. On the 5th of April she decided to cancel as she soon found out she would have to get an outdoor aeriel installed to get more than the 10 channels with the package.

Even though she cancelled on the 5th of April BT didn't switch off the service until the 13th of April.

On the 24th of April she got a bill for £101.44 saying it had to be paid by 25th April.

Unless you dig deep down into the terms and conditions you would assume "Cancel within 14 days" was a no cost option.
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Re: Moving during cooling off period


I would advise that you contact BT on 0800.800.030 and tell them that you are cancelling your order.

If you don't do this and just do it as a "change/move to another ISP" it could be seen that you have agreed to the initial order and you are now moving ISP in breach of your contract and as such you will be liable to cancellation fees, which will be considerable.