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Moving from Sky LLU to BT Infinity - Diary

 Hello All,


I have been with Sky LLU for 3 years now since they LLU my Exchange (Middlewich), been on ADSL since early trials.


I have a 6774kbps down 797kbps upload sync using ADSL1 Profile (manually set by Sky 3rd line).

Attenuation Down: 42db - Up: 13db

SNR Down: 8db - Up: 15db

Line is very stable using their NetGear DG834G Router - Flashed to NetGear Firmware 4.01.40


My Exchange is being RFS for Infinity on 30 Dec 2010, the box down the street which I am connected to has a pretty new friend next to it, and many many BT Engineers have visited it over the previous few months.

Using Infinity Checker I get Estimate of: 31.4 Down &  7.8 up.

Which sounds great to me, so I though yes please, I will have some of that.


Now to the reason for the post, I thought it would be good to keep a log / diary of the order / migration for others to see how the process works.


Problem 1.) Went to website, spoke with agent using IM, said as my line LLU cannot order until line is returned to BT and cannot piggy-back order either.

So going to be without BB from 30-Dec-2010 for unknown number of weeks.


So 13-Dec-2010 called up BT Infinity to ask for a solution, they offered me the following :

Line moves over on 30-Dec-2010, they will then expidite and order for Total ADSL Broadband should be done in 10 days max, maybe 5 with expidite, then ADSL provisioned (free of charge!) they can then place an "Upgrade order" to Infinity (again no charge/free install/setup!).

Agreed to this, gave my details, bank account, etc. gave me "Line to BT" date of 30-Dec-2010 and order number.

Got e-mails within 4 hours, with E-Billing login etc.


20-Dec-2010 received paper notification of change from both BT and Sky (different envelopes!), Sky's begging not to go, offered free broadband 3 months or half price for 6 months! + £10 credit on my SkyTalk bill.

But confirmed if I did nothing my SkyTalk+Calls & Broadband will cease on 30-Dec-2010.


So far, all seems clockwork.

Had to go to Vodafone shop and buy a £20 USB Mobile Broadband (3GB Credit PAYG) as after searching network coverage best 3G is Vodafone. I am hoping £20 and 10days without xDSL will be worth it for Infinity.


I will keep this updated as I progress through order / installation / first few weeks / months.


I hope this helps others make the leap.







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Re: Moving from Sky LLU to BT Infinity - Diary

Update: Tuesday 22-Dec-2010


Called into BT to check why I could not do a combined Line Back to BT and Infinity Order at same time without downtime after reading some blog posts about it being done before.


Was told is "CAN BE DONE" quite easily, I asked why the Instant Message Agents did not know that and told me to order a Line Back to BT then Total BB then Infinity? - Did not get a straight answer.


The nice BT guys cancelled the existing order for Line back to BT and then tried to order a combined service to Infinity, however overnight the Checker is now reporting "April 2011" which has moved from "December 2010".


So looks like I will be staying with Sky (£11 line + £7.50 Unlimited LLU BB) until BT really RFS Infinity on my exchange and it is available to order.


BT offered me Line @ £13.25 - Total Op 3 BB = £24.99 which is a lot more than I am paying now with no extra benefits.


So it looks like my diary will stop for now and pickup in April again.


Thanks for reading.



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