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Moving home, Infinity is not available

Hello. I currently have BT Infinity package. I am still under a 12-month contract. I'm going to be moving home at the end of this month. I've checked online/also phoned home moving department and BT Infinity is not available at the new address... only the Standard Broadband is, which I am not really interested in as I can't see myself getting a new contract for 12-18 months and pay twice as much for a service, which is like 5 times slower. 



My question is, since I have got 2-3 months left on my contract, will BT still charge me for the remainder if I decide to cancel my contract as they are unable to provide me with service I have taken out originally?


Thank you very much for your help.





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Re: Moving home, Infinity is not available

Welcome to this user forum.


You will have to pay cancellation charges, a broadband disconnect charge. You may also have a deferred charge payable for any supplied equipment like a home hub or BT YouView box, if you have not completed the minimum tern.


If you transfer your service, then you will not pay for BT Infinity, only the cost for ADSL.


"If you are moving home and taking all your BT products with you, there will be no charges. If BT is unable to provide any of your existing products at your new address, you will not be held to term for these products."



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Re: Moving home, Infinity is not available

Thank you for your anwer.


I would like to transfer my service and continue with Infinity, but there is no Infinity. The only option I got when calling BT was to sign a new contract for 12 or 18 months (17Mbps max, something like £42.99/month). It doesn't seem to me like BT is able to provide any of my currently existing products at new address, does it? So when I read your pasted quote, I would think I wouldn't have to pay anything, logically.


I am really confused now.

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Re: Moving home, Infinity is not available

As you have less than three months to go, then they would want a new contract. The £42.99 does include the line rental, so the broadband and calls cost is  only £24. You must be paying more than that at the moment.


The only other option would be to cancel and pay all of the charges, move house, and sign up as a new customer, to get special 12 month deal.

Not sure which is going to be cheaper. Do you have any other equipment from BT apart from the home hub?


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Re: Moving home, Infinity is not available

I got a deal as a new customer, so I am paying less than £30 at the moment, which is great for Fibre broadband. 


Don't have any other equipment apart from the Home Hub. I also think that the cheapest option would be just let it go, pay those 2 remaining months as nothing happened and cancel the contract after those 12 months I signed up for. That should be charge free, am I correct?



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Re: Moving home, Infinity is not available

You would be moving out, so you would have to terminate your contract, you cannot just let it run, as  whoever moves in, will want their own service.


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