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Moving home - awful service

I am writing this because I am in disbelief - a month to move our phone and broadband line. This is unbelievable. All other utility services have either been easy to switch the names to continue instant service or can move it over in a few days. BT is a MONTH. This is the most ridiculous thing I have seen or heard. A Month!!!!!! I have been with BT as a customer for the 6 years I have lived in my home and my parents had always used them but no more. We are being forced to change supplier because I can not wait a month to have Internet at home. I am in disbelief and shock. Bye BT.
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Re: Moving home - awful service



Sorry to hear that your having trouble moving your Broadband and Phone services to another home.

The services may need to be activated in the exchange, this is done by Openreach and not BT Retail (your ISP/service provider)


If you would like to contact the forum moderators they can have a look into this.


To contact the forum moderators please click here


The moderators are a UK Based BT Team. It can take upto 3 working days to get a reply but you will be emailed a automated reference number in which you can use to track progress.




jac_95 | Help Site | BT Service Status
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Re: Moving home - awful service

I feel your pain, try this on for size... I am so glad I am not a BT share holder, do the maths.


We are a couple getting marred at the end of the month and moving house 2 weeks before, we both have BT broadband, so we will need just one line when we move.


This is the essence of an hour long conversation with two departments at BT


Me. So if we cancel one line you are going to charge us £176 or the other line £355.

BT. Yes

Me. Ok, please work out the maths on this. I am 40 years old so lets assume I will live for another 40 years which equates to 480 monthly payments. my last bill was £76 so lets assume 480 x 76 which comes to £36,480.

Therefore the potential loss to BT is £36,304.

BT. Sorry I cant do anything for you.


Now how would you report this sort of business accumen to the shareholders!!


What a bunch of bafoons!


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Re: Moving home - awful service

Always better with UK companies, is tell them you want to leave rather than you need to leave.  However it sounds in this case you are both still in a contract which they will try and hold you too.  "business acumen" depends, mass swathes (not all) of the UK is still reliant on BT (group) regardless of your ISP

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Re: Moving home - awful service

I also feel your pain regarding the amount of time it takes to connect a new line. I will be a returning customer shortly when I move. I left originally after poor service from BT, and am frankly not looking forward to renewing my aquaintance. I will be a month without a telephone or internet connection. The prospect of FTTC at my new address, however, has tipped the scale in their balance....not withstanding the fact that my present supplier would also have to wait a month for BT to connect the line. Lose lose whoever I choose


What puzzles me is why does it takes a month to connect a line which is already there. Surely, if there are enough new customers that there is a waiting time of a month, then there are obviously not enough engineers being employed to cover the work being undertaken. Why is this when unemployment is so high? Not enough trained engineers? Train some! Seems a fairly simple solution to me.

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Re: Moving home - awful service

Awful service is an understatement. It has taken a week just to get bt to accept that the existing line will cease on the day they have been told an error in the system apparently. More like input error I suspect. As for activation date nearly a month away when there is already a fully functioning line to the property receiving exactly the same services that I want transferred.

I suggest they change it to BTDont care community forums/the lounge blah blah blah.

Smiley Mad

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Re: Moving home - awful service

hi the supply and provisioning of lines is NOT BT Retails responsibility it is undertaken by OPENREACH as it is with all service providers BT has no priority over when a line is installed under rules laid down by OFCOM they get the same level of service as all other providers
As to engineers Openreach has increased it number of engineers over the last few years recently due to the recent storms and flooding this caused considerable backlogs of work and priority was given to restoring services first then new installs so even now there are considerable backlogs in some areas
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Re: Moving home - awful service

Openreach is not a BT company then?

Anyhow, the issue is not about new or faulty lines.

The house we are moving to already has a phone line to it, it is a BT line. The current occupiers have BT phone service, broad band and BT vision. Exactly the same services as we want. So why should it take 3 weeks to activate the service, what does it have to do with Openreach engineers and lines down because it has been windy and rained a bit?

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Re: Moving home - awful service

i do wish people on this site wouild stop always saying its not bt.retail fault but openreach fault, they are one and the same company, BT. so the buck stops with BT, openreach are and bt retail are one and the same, there is no difference.

 rant over cheers

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Re: Moving home - awful service

I wish people on this site would understand how a group/corporation of companies works. Just because the British Telecommunications Group plc owns BT Retail and Openreach doesn't make them the same company.

Its not like you call Currys PC World or call ASDA Wall Mart.
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