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Re: Moving home - awful service

Id like to copy in something i've put in another post on this forum regarding how long its going to take to set me up a new line..... like previous posters on this thread i have a box in the house which i have tested with engineer equipment (im not a bt engineer but i work on private switchboard systems and internal wiring etc) and found to be ok but apparently i still need an engineer.... 


heres what i wrote:



When i moved house 8 years ago i rang BT, set up a new account, told them i had a box on the wall and they checked and basically my landline was connected before id finished speaking to them. i then called my internet provider of choice and the broadband was up and running in an acceptable and understandable 4 days no engineer had to come out.. the line was activated automatically by the person i was dealing with and the broadband i was allowed to connect myself. so basically 8 years of technological advancement means we now have to wait a month and have an engineer to visit for a service to be provided  ?


the rest of the thead is here...



bt and openreach might be seperate companies but you would expect a little more communication (and loyalty despite the ofcom regulations)  between 2 companies part of the same group then you would between say openreach and virgin etc... and lets not forget that most of the engineers in openreach were probably bt engineers before things got seperated, openreach was the worst thing that ever happened to the telecoms industry.. same day connections to a month plus wait ??? some thing has gone to **bleep** somewhere...

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