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Moving home nightmare

Current BT Infinity Customer.  Moving Home Service.  Absolute disgrace.  Moved home on the 30th November 2012.  All great, engineer will be with you that afternoon.  Shocker, does not show up.  Ring BT, speak to about 30 different people in different countries to eventually get through to someone who tells me they could see the order but had to apologise as it had not been processed at all.  Four further days to get a landline sorted out.  Still no BT Infinity which I require to do a bit of work at home in the evening.  Just glad BT provided me with a username and password to BT Wifi-Fon which is nothing short of **bleep**.  Constantly get disconnected.  Shall be moving to Sky as soon as possible.

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Re: Moving home nightmare

sky use Openreach like all other providers for installations and repairs so going elsewhere will not resolve your delay
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