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Moving home

We moved home on the 8 March and as we had had 40 odd years of good service from BT decided to stay with them and transfer phone/broadband and TV to our new home. Package negotiated and letter dated 23 February received outline sequence of events and charges and advising that an engineer would arrive on the 9 March, a day after our move.  The move went well and we waited in for the engineer on the 9th - he didn’t turn up.  Rang BT and was told that our order had been cancelled, no prior warning and no explanation known.  Reinstated the order and received confirmation dated 10 March but no TV included and charges differed from original agreement.  Challenged this but was told that the engineer was now booked to visit on the 22 March and we should let the visit go ahead and phone the next day to sort out TV and charges.  In the interim our phone line was installed on 15 March as we were considered vulnerable (husband nudging 80 with health problems).  Hopefully the engineer will arrive on the 22nd but that still leaves us without a Tv and presumably a follow up visit will involve further delays and presumably further costs.  I have logged a formal complaint but judging by comments on this forum don’t anticipate a speedy answer.  Any suggestions please - we really feel stressed and tempted to terminate our contract and look elsewhere.

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Re: Moving home

Hi @Chrismc1 welcome to the community and thanks for posting, I'm really sorry about the problems experienced with your order. It's really poor that it was cancelled without informing you resulting in further delays.

I've sent you a private message so you can get in touch with the moderation team, we'll be happy to help if you need any assistance getting the TV and charges sorted.



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