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Moving house - BT broadband not available


I am 8 months into a 24 month contract which consists of the Superfast Fibre 2 unlimited broadband and phone.  I am moving to a new build property in August and have just discovered that BT can only install a new line but cannot provide broadband.  

I want to stay with BT and don’t have the funds to buy myself out of a contract that still has 16 months left @ £40 a month.   Am I able to have a BT phone line installed and pay monthly for that and cancel the broadband part of the contract on the basis that it is not available at my new property?  Would I still need to pay for both at the current monthly rate I pay, or switch to just paying for the phone line?


Any advice appreciated.



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Re: Moving house - BT broadband not available


Why cannot BT provide broadband where you are moving to, as there are very few locations that broadband is not available, especially if BT can install a phone line?

Use the address checker on this page

That will tell you what is available at your new address. You may have to accept a lower speed.

There is no need to post your full address on this forum, just the results returned by the form.

Most new builds are now direct fibre to the premises, and the results may not show up on the checker.


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