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Moving house - cabinet full

Hi all

I know similar questions have been asked but systems seem to change over the years etc so i wanted to get a fresh set of advice.  I'm moving house soon.  When i put in the post code and house number when first starting the process, the BT site said it had ultrafast 100 available.  Perfect.

Now a few months later and nearing moving time, i'm told the cabinet is a max capacity so i'll only be able to get 1-2mb/s standard broadband.  I work in IT, i work at home regularly, i game, we stream movies etc, so basic broadband will really restrict us.

I asked the openreach chat and they gave me a "rough" date of July for the cabinet apparently getting upgraded.  Obviously it's strange times due to covid 19 so that may slip but:

Generally are these dates kept to?
When i move, should i setup basic broadband so i can upgrade later?
Are there waiting lists?

Do 4G home routers by the likes of THREE and EE work well?


It's making me anxious knowing i might struggle to do my work remotely and battle to get a proper connection.  Somewhat ruining the excitement of a new home. Any help would be much appreciated.

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