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Moving into an apartment building with FTTC shown as "planned" -- what should I do?

Hi All,

I am moving into a new flat soon and I am trying to get broadband set up. But it seems the only option available at my new address is the 17Mbps/1.5Mbps ADSL2+ service which is too slow for me.

After browsing through countless posts on here, I figured that I could run a check through the DSL BT Wholesale Checker. As I do not yet have a landline number, I could only use the address of my new flat for the check. The result is attached in Fig. 1 below.

Address Check.png

 Fig. 1. DSL Checker result using address.


There are about 11 flats at this postcode, all in the same building. I think I looked through about 6 or 7 of them and the results were all the same: the cabinet of interest is cabinet 9 of Beeston exchange, with FTTC marked as "planned". However, other buildings on the same street (e.g. the pub next door at NY9 1FY) all seem to have FTTC (VDSL or even G.Fast) -- they all seem to be served by a different cabinet (cabinet 44).

When I looked up cabinet 9 on CodeLook, I got the results shown in Fig. 2.

Cabinet 9.PNG

Fig. 2. CodeLook result for cabinet 9, Beeston exchange. 


What's interesting/confusing to me is how other postcodes served by this cabinet, apart from my postcode (NG9 1NU) and one other, seem to have quite decent speeds despite not having Openreach fibre.

Anyway, I am wondering what my best course of action is given the above results. Should I go ahead and sign up with an ADSL service to get a landline number and hope that that will allow me to upgrade to FTTC at some point? How should I interpret the "planned" status of the WBC FTTC Availability Date column in the DSL Checker result? Is there anyone I should call/email/tweet to check if FTTC is available at my flat? I have asked my letting agent to check with the landlord and I am waiting for their reply.

Any wisdom/advice is much appreciated!


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Re: Moving into an apartment building with FTTC shown as "planned" -- what should I do?

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Re: Moving into an apartment building with FTTC shown as "planned" -- what should I do?

Thanks! The BT USO checker says that I can already get speeds of 10Mb or more, but nothing else. I'm not sure if this refers to the 17Mbps/1.5Mbps ADSL2+ service or something else.
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Re: Moving into an apartment building with FTTC shown as "planned" -- what should I do?

you have already posted the reason some people near you can get fibre and you can't - you are on cab 9 which is not fibre enabled but others are on cab 44 which is fibre enabled  before you ask openreach will not move your conenction to cab 44 just to improve your broadband

just need to decide ISP you want to use and place an order which will be for adsl2 with up to 17mb

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