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Moving master socket + wiring

A little while ago a BT engineer installed this socket, it was for an elderly relatives emergency system, so they can press a button on a necklace and it calls a call center etc


The relative moved to a different room in the house and I am trying to wire this socket up to use it for the Bt Fibre but it doesn't even seem to be connected? 



I am guessing here totally, the brown wire is the same as an orange wire?


On the face plate, if I do

White to 5

Brown to 3

Blue to 2 

I will have internet? We don't actually have a house phone so wasn't sure if I needed to wire up the 2 main plugs on the socket. 


We have a master socket in the hallway, it would require 20+ meters of ADSL cable to reach the router but this socket in the picture is only 2 meters away and is actually where the cables enters the property from outside. 

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Re: Moving master socket + wiring

It is a totally independant line.

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Re: Moving master socket + wiring

Do you have anytime to explain why you think they did it this way?

If it usable to me? 

The company that sales these emergency devices have their own contact with bt for internet? 


The white and the brown cable comes from the outside black wire but the other cables come from the master socket.


2 browns, green and blue cable come from the master socket.

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Re: Moving master socket + wiring

That looks like it was the original Master Socket with an Extension and the previous Engineer has jointed it through and I’m guessing made the Extension the Master Socket.

To get that NTE in the picture working it should just be a case of using the single pair of the drop wire and connecting it to the AB terminals on the back plate. This is of course assuming the Dial Tone is on there.

If you want the Extension reconnecting put the blue wire to terminal 2 and the orange to 5. Green is the bell wire terminal 3 but it’s not really needed now as most modern phones have built in capacitors. The brown wire is the Earth, which isn’t needed at all.

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Re: Moving master socket + wiring

Okay, I will give it a go and see, will save me a bit of cash paying an engineer to do it. 

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