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Moving mobile to BT. Move of old number doesn't necessarily take place "within a working day".

I need Wi-Fi calling because of the dreadful signal from all providers here despite all of their coverage maps saying it should be good.

Couldn't always get Wi-Fi texts on O2 and that is becoming increasingly necessary as Banks and other financial institutions require a code from a text they send which does not always arrive in the timescale.  So I have moved to BT which does allow it. 

The SIM arrived with a note that said my number would be transferred within a working day of installation of the SIM.  Putting it in the phone was easy, and the text messages came straight away saying they'd set me up quickly. But the next text said it would be 8th when my number moves and today is Monday 6th. That is beyond the timescale quoted. Hopefully they are under-promising and it will move sooner. We shall see.

Whilst there is a temporary number, it is particularly useless if no one knows it.  I can't do without my phone so have had to swap the old SIM back until it stops working.  That isn't mentioned in the instruction sheet. Perhaps it should be.

Perhaps if I had moved between providers before I'd know this, but O2 was the ONLY provider that gets any sort of useful mobile signal at home. 

To err is human, but to really mess it up requires a computer
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