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Moving posts

Hi Guys,


I've just noticed a few posts have been moved to the lounge which now no longer make sense and we can't see where they have been moved from as no place holder has been left. This is just a gentle reminder of when it's appropriate to move a post.


Spam post can be moved quarantine.  This is where the quarantine board really helps, allowing you guys to move these type of posts off the community, really benefit everyone


Customer posts personal details.  This again is also fine, we potentially have scenarios whereby a customer's personal details could be viewable to everyone for up to 11 hours when the mods are off duty.  Removing this is the right thing to do.


Duplicate posts.  Any duplicate posts on the same thread posted straight after each other is fine to move.  In most of these cases its down to user error posting twice.  Removing the duplicate is not a big deal.  Cross posting on other threads is a different kettle of fish and think its best that these are left for the mods to deal.


If you come across any other scenarios then please leave this up to the mods, if you are concerned that a post is not where it should be please can you flag it and the mods can take action. 







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