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Moving the BT Master Socket?


Currently, my master socket (and only socket) is behind my bed, so every time I have to have BT around (like today) I need to pull out my bed and my bedside cabinet, which is a problem for me because I suffer from severe back pain which I'm classed as disabled for. I am left in tremendous pain whenever I have to do this and I just don't want to have to do it again so I'm looking into moving the master socket. I want it in the same room, but instead of behind my bed, I want it under the computer desk or close to it. I don't just want to run long cables, I want the box physically moved if that's possible? Usually, my bed is pushed right up against the top wall and right wall.



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Re: Moving the BT Master Socket?

you could get openreach to move the socket but would be cheaper looking at local paper and get telecom engineer not electrician.  with your bad back you would probably not be able to DIY

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Re: Moving the BT Master Socket?

You're correct, I should have stated I'm happy to pay someone to do it. I have no idea what I'm doing and it's just not worth the pain for me.

I looked into former BT engineers but apparently, it's not actually allowed? And I'm guessing if they mess something up I'd be in trouble and on the hook for a lot more money from Openreach directly?

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Re: Moving the BT Master Socket?

The problem you will be faced with is where the external cable enters the house and if it is is possible to move that to where you require to locate the master socket. The alternative would be a junction box located at the site of the current master socket. However, you will still then have the same problem of accessing the junction box if required as you currently do with the master socket. If the external cable needs to be replaced in order to move it, only Openreach would be able to move it.

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Re: Moving the BT Master Socket?

It comes into the front of the house into the spare room, runs along the skirting board into the landing, then under the carpet into my room, from there it's just across the back wall skirting board that you can see in the photos.

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Re: Moving the BT Master Socket?

We obviously can't see the layout of your house, but the fundamental question is will the existing external cable need to be longer or shorter to fit the master socket where you would like it sited. If shorter, then it shouldn't be a problem, if longer it will be.  Hope that makes sense. 

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