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Moving to BT ?...Dont bother...its not worth will regret it !



Like a lot of other fools I fell for the advertising hype from BT to move to them as they wanted to welcome old

customers back.

I signed up with them on 4th of January 2011 and was given an installation date of 4th february 2011.

The date duly arrived but the engineer did not turn up.

I called BT and was told that an engineer had turned up (lies) and the next available date was 18th march.....i had no choice but to accept this date.

Then i get an e mail saying that the date was now 21st March 2011.

Virgin media in the meantime disconnected my phone on the 11th February.

So, I have had no telephone line for 5 weeks now and still BT have failed to connect me.

On the 21st an engineer installed and installed a connection point in my property but still no connection !

He blamed it on a fault outside....(more lies)...and another engineer would call round to connect me.....

22nd March and still waiting......

I will now send a legal notice to BT due to breach of contract and breach of agreement.....seeking compensation...see how it goes.


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Re: Moving to BT ?...Dont bother...its not worth will regret it !

Can agree with you n this Milo i also left virgin to come to BT worse thing I ever done singed up for winter deal only to find I am on somthing compleatly differaint. BT are not to be trusted.

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Re: Moving to BT ?...Dont bother...its not worth will regret it !

Most ISP,S behave just the same Ihave found

If any post helps tick the star box on the left
Just cause Im paranoid dont mean they are not out to get me

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Re: Moving to BT ?...Dont bother...its not worth will regret it !

Hi Milo438,


Thanks for the post and welcome to the forum.  I am sorry for the extended delay in getting your services up and running.  I can help you.


Please drop me an email via the 'Contact Us' link in my profile. (click on my name and you will find the link under the "about me" section). Include any BT order number that we have supplied, your full address details and the link to this thread.






Community ManagerSeanD
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