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Moving to Virgin Media and Leaving BT

I have a question, i have opt out from your broadband services and moved to Virgin Media. I am very happy with them and just wating for them to install a telephone line, there are some structural issues in my street that will be sorted out in 3 weeks.


I have paid the normal £30 GBP for leaving BT broadband but i want to transfer my BT telephone number to Virgin Media.

The issue is that Virgin Media uses Cable so they don't need a MAC address. How can i transfer my present telephone number and cancel my present contract with you? Will I also need to pay an extra £30 GBP? Will i be able to keep my telephone number? Please, let me know.

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Distinguished Sage
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Re: Moving to Virgin Media and Leaving BT

this is a customer help customer community forum and only BT employees are the forum mods  I suggest you contact

live chat

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