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Moving to a rented property, need advice.

Hi, I am moving into a rented property on sat 8th Aug, I have just been onformed by the Estate Agant that if I contact BT now to say I will be moving in it will save me the cost of a new phone line? is this right? and also how do I email BT to let them know of this, I would prefer to email however cannot seem to find a way to do this? Any help would be very much appreciated, many thanks.

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Re: Moving to a rented property, need advice.

Is there a working phone line in the property already?

Are you a current BT customer?

If a phone line needs to be installed, Openreach will do this via your Telephone provider (doesn't have to be BT Retail). But a cost usually inncurs (£130 with BT Retail).

However some Telephone providers do have deals running where the cost of the install is covered by them if you take out a package deal or a minimum term.

Check your exchange or major service outages

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Re: Moving to a rented property, need advice.

No you cant place an order by email you will have to call in to BT sales and request to take over the line before its ceased. They will advise you then if its foc or if theres a charge.

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