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Moving to premium email after my broadband contract had ended

Why is this so difficult (I note similar problems on this forum from 2018). I elected to change my broadband provider from BT at the end of my contract to a fibre provider and this was auctioned. However, despite my best efforts and a suggestion to move to premium email on the “MY BT” site it is proving nearly impossible. I must have spoken to at least 10 BT advisors (including the Premium email team) and have been cut off, transferred and generally given the run around with no solution. Nobody has ever rung me back and after spending about 4 hours on the phone I am totally disillusioned. Interestingly my wife was sent an email from BT on her address saying that the account holder (me) had removed her email address from their account ( I did no such thing) and invited her to subscribe to Premium email. When she followed the link it took her back to my account. HELP. I am losing the will to live!!!!!

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Re: Moving to premium email after my broadband contract had ended

When you are no longer a BT Broadband customer your email account will be automatically "downgraded" to BT Basic email. This can not be used on an with an email client or app.

If you decide that you do need to access your BTMail using an email client or app you will need to subscribe to BT Premium email.

see link

BT Email products | BT Help

Moving to BT Premium email should be a relatively easy thing to do. What problems have you encountered and what have all the people you have spoken to said was the problem?

As regards your wife's email account, assuming you had "gifted" the email account to her and she "accepted" the email account and set up her own BTID/ MyBT so that she can manage her own email account she will have been notified that her email account had been removed from an active BT Broadband account because you closed your BT Broadband account. See the above link regarding the BTBasic email for information.

See link about "gifted" email accounts

How do I create and activate a new BT Email address? | BT help (

If you did not "gift" the email account to your wife and she did not set up her own MyBT/BTID the email account would still be part of your BTBroadband account and managed by you and should therefore be moved over to your BT Premium Email account when you are successfully moved. 

See link

What is Premium email and how do I get it? | BT Help

Meanwhile if you can answer my question regarding the actual problem and what the Customer Service advisors have said the problem is it will help determine what can be done to assist you.

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Re: Moving to premium email after my broadband contract had ended

I did not gift anything to my wife. We had 3 emails on the account before the broadband service stopped on 11December. All of them were listed on the “MY BT” site.

I spoke to an advisor on 04 Dec and said I did not want to renew my broadband contract but wished to retain my landline and my mobiles. This was translated into an order and was successfully concluded on 11Dec.

On the 11 Dec my wife got an email from BT saying that I. (As the account holder) had removed her email from my account (I had not) merely having ceased the broadband.

On the MY BT site I was invited to apply for Premium email. I did so and an order was initiated. That order is still open but cannot be found using the search facility.

you ask what advice I got. Well virtually nothing. I was passed all round having to explain the problem to every new contact. On at least 3 occasions I was asked to hold while the advisor consulted with a colleague. Having waited for about 10 minutes each time I was cut off (makes me think there is some form of automatic timeout here). Although the advisors had all my details not one of them rang me back so I had to start all over again.

I spoke to me guy in the Premium email team who eventually told me that the first order had failed (but no reason why) and in order get the premium service I would have to cancel my mobile and landline contracts!  When I suggested this was ridiculous he rang off.

on MY BT is a message that my email account is to be downgraded and eventually deleted in February but I can avoid this if I go for Premium email.  Well I have tried that twice without success and without an order being generated.

In the email to my wife she was told she could revert  to basic email or go to Premium. When she followed the given link it took her straight back to my account.

this is becoming ridiculously complicated


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Re: Moving to premium email after my broadband contract had ended

If your wife's email account has not been gifted it should be treated as one of your eleven email accounts and would be automatically "downgraded" onto the BTBasic email as would your own email account and the other email account you have.

None of them should be scheduled for deletion.

There is nothing any forum member will be able to do for you however I have notified the moderators of the forum about your problem. Once they have read this they may be able to help. They are very busy at present so it can take up to 48 hours for them to contact you. They will do this by posting on this thread. 

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Re: Moving to premium email after my broadband contract had ended

Hi @GrahamH3, welcome to the forum and sorry you are having trouble getting your Premium Mail account set up correctly. I've sent you a Private Message with details on how to contact the Mod team and we'll be happy to help you with this.



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