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Multi Problems with Internet Connection/Speed

hello, for a while the internet connection i am using has had many problems, unfortauntly i am using my dads and hes been to lazy to do anything about it so recently i have been trying to do as many things to try and improve it on my end soon as i cant do anything on the other end.


The problems include:

Internet tripping off/disconnecting

slow internet speeds

lagg spikes


Internet Tripping off/disconnecting


well randomly its completly unpredictable the router internet connection will just suddenly disconnect for no reason, and i have had to try resetting the router and switching it off for 30 seconds but it still can take multiple attempts for it to actually come back on reguarly.


Slow Internet Speeds

One day i could just be surfin the internet and pages like facebook load up in under a second and then another day it can take forever! also its not just my computer in the house that gets slow speeds its other consoles/computers that get a very slow internet speed, for example if my brothers playing a game on xbox and im on my computer the speed will suddenly drop massivly.


Lagg Spikes

I am a pc gamer and apparently when i do speed tests im getting around 5 mb to the computer but when im playing games i will get massive lagg spikes within the game continusly no matter what, even if i play on my xbox i will still get massive connection issues no matter what game or platform im on.


I am three floors away from the actualy router because its unable to go in the middle of the house which i thought was the main problem due to low singal strength etc, to fix that i got a repeater to improve signal strength and quality and now i get full bars on signal strenght but yet no improvement.


have tried changing channels on the router and again no improvement.


tried resetting and switching the hub off for 30 secs and yet again no improvement


i have tried switching from my network card to my onboard network on the motherboard but it still hasnt improved


the computer i am currently using i built last year costing me about £1200 so i think it is still a quite high end peice of equipment so i dont think it would be because my computer unable to run high internet speeds.


currently unable to wire the hub to my computer due to the distance they are apart which means a wired connection isnt the solution 😕


Hub Informtion: its the version 2.0


Anyone got any other tricks to try and improve it because im running out of ideas

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Re: Multi Problems with Internet Connection/Speed

Hi your problems are mainly wireless based the lag is being caused by resent data packets as are your disconnections as a gamer wireless is not the best way to connect a wired connection is always recommended to get the best connection I realise th distance from the hub but if cable is not practical then I would suggest trying powerlines as the best option
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Re: Multi Problems with Internet Connection/Speed

Please look at my help pages below, there are a number of solutions to network connectivity.

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