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Multi room and britbox

Why wont bt let more than two boxes on multi room at any time i could do with three. Will britbox be coming soon on bt boxes.

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Re: Multi room and britbox

My understanding is that it is capped at two boxes due to the internet channels and broadband speed. More boxes would put a strain on the speed even though it probably could still work. This way less chance of picture break ups and failed recordings. 

For you BritBox query. BT tends to test apps before they are launched this was the case with the NowTV app and is probably the same with the BritBox app.  

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Re: Multi room and britbox

With regard to Britbox Youview did post this  week on their Community Forum in response to a member's question

"BritBox is coming soon on BT however we're not able to give out any further details until it's available. Once it's available we will announce it on here (YOUVIEW Community Forum)  and on our(YOUVIEW) social channels."

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Re: Multi room and britbox

Youview have today announced the phased release Of BT software update 32.45.0 / 3.6.190 for T2xxx & T4000 device which adds Britbox to the available players.

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