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Multitude of BT TV Problems

Got BT TV and Infinity Broadband about 6 months ago.


Getting very fed up with the idiosyncracies of the box, including:


  1. Resets itself on a daily basis, sometimes twice;
  2. Loses recordings and series links;
  3. Records random programmes;
  4. Rewinds back to when the channel last changed (up to 2 hours) rather than rewinding normally;
  5. Uncommanded channel changes;
  6. Hangs for up to five minutes before recovering;
  7. Remote control intermittently unresponsive (trivial but frustrating!)


Called BT Support about a month ago, who eventually got round to sending an engineer out.  Box was reset, and software upgraded.  All OK for about a week, then all the problems recurred.


Can't face another hour long call to BT Support to be told how to hard reset the box and see if that improves things - done that a couple of times myself and I am sick of losing my recordings.


Have in theory signed up for two years but I seriously considering cancelling my contract - I am paying for a service that BT are meant to be providing but I am not receiving.  Seems like it's false economy moving to BT from Sky.


Is there a quick way of getting a replacement box? Or do I need to spend hours on the phone and then wait for an engineer again?


Sorry for the rant but this is beginning to get beyond a joke.


FOOTNOTE:  And now the website is telling me I am Post Flooding having clicked "Post" twice by accident!!  BT you are really not winning me over here........


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Re: Multitude of BT TV Problems

Hi Simon_Mush,


Thanks for posting and welcome back!


Sorry for the problems you're having with your services and that it has been going on for so long.  I can help sort things out from here.


Click on my username and under the "about me" section of my profile you'll see the link to get in touch with us.





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Re: Multitude of BT TV Problems

Just to hijack this thread slightly I've had a similar experience with my DTR1000 YouView box..


It worked pretty faultlessly at first then around November would not wake from sleep properly every time. You'd get the initial "Humax" logo screen... then nothing... blank.. "no signal" from the TV.. The channel dot matrix display would work and changing channels was fine... Sometimes after a few mintues the picture would finally appear.. Sometimes not.  Occasionally the box got as far as the "Nearly ready" YouView boot screen.. Then this too would disappear. 


And then randomly sometimes it would just work.


Other times I'd need to do a hard reset from maintanance mode - losing all my recordings.


I've tried different TVs, different HDMI leads, tried the box at a different house. All sorts. Nothing works. As its an intermittant fault I didn't phone CS - because I knew what they would tell me, and I knew it'd be a pretty painful experience all round...


My question is where do I go from here? I don't really need an engineer. I need a new box.






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Re: Multitude of BT TV Problems

I had a similar problem and it took 4 engineer visits before they replaced the box - the engineer also told me that the 'new' replacement box may be a 'returned' faulty box that is refurbished. That doesn't sound like a good deal. 


I have had 2 replacement BTvision boxes and  ow have a youview box - one day old and already faulty.



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