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My Anytime & Mobile Calls Upgrade - contract length?

Hi, wondered if someone may be able to clarify for me.  During the lockdown, my wife has been making multiple long calls to her father's mobile.  I got a phone bill yesterday and it's absolutely ridiculous.  I looked into it to see if there's any way I can bring the costs down and I see there's a call package I can upgrade to called My Anytime and Mobile Calls which seems to be £12 a month for unlimited calls to mobiles.  Sounds great.  However, I suspect this is only going to continue for a couple of months (hopefully).  I can't work out from the terms and conditions if I am committing to a long-term contract if I upgrade, or if this is a rolling monthly thing which I can cancel in 2 months if I want to.  Can anyone confirm?  Thank you.

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Re: My Anytime & Mobile Calls Upgrade - contract length?

An add-on like that can be cancelled with 30 days notice.