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My Availability date just moved to March 2014

Has anyone else ever had the date move a year in mid month like that? I expected it to be pushed form March to June, but to March 2014 is a kick in the teeth! I suppose thats the end of my Infinity aspirations 😞

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Re: My Availability date just moved to March 2014

Yes, mine just did the same thing ... moved from 31-Mar-2013 to 31-Mar-2014. I guess I'm stuck at 0.5Mb forever 😞


Here's my checker results:

on Exchange BRACKNELL is served by Cabinet 101


Available ProductsDownstream Line Rate(Mbps)Upstream Line Rate(Mbps)Downstream Range(Mbps)Availability Date

Featured Products

WBC FTTCUp to 18.1Up to 2.9--31-Mar-14
WBC ADSL 2+Up to 1--1 to 3.5Available
ADSL MaxUp to 1--0.75 to 2.5Available
WBC Fixed Rate0.5 ----Available
Fixed Rate0.5 ----Available
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Re: My Availability date just moved to March 2014

Mine has moved to June 2013. It only went to March in December. Still no new cab! Fed up 😞
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Re: My Availability date just moved to March 2014

The Quarter dates (March, June, September and December) are merely placeholders and nothing more.


When Openreach (or indeed any other large company) plan for future investment they allocate resources be it money, manpower or whatever (or combination of) for each quarter of the year.


The plans for the nationwide deployment will have been made a few years ago and depend on ideal conditions. It is a huge undertaking and problems and delays will and do occur.


The delays can be caused by many different things from planning issues with a local council to a collapsed ducting or a power co not doing their end and many other reasons.


The deployment teams cannot be held back waiting for an issue to be resolved otherwise you end up with a domino effect of everything else getting delayed.


It also gives an opportunity to send a team to an area which previously had problems (now resolved) to enable them before the start of the next phase.


The rollout will continue as planned, areas with problems will be skipped and re-visited at a later date it has to happen like that on a rollout of this scale.


I know this doesn't help those of you in areas that keep having the date pushed back but I hope it gives you an insight of why it's happening.