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My BT does not display my "Recent Usage"

After a long running saga over a line number change and upgrade of Broadband (WARNING! Do not attempt to have two things changed at once. Change the line number and wait for that to be fully implemented, then upgrade your broadband package - or else.... ) I am now left with MY BT in the Billing area, by clicking on Recent Usage, with only 2 tabs. One is Broadband, the other Broadband Talk. There is no tab for 'Phone'. Yet the charges (premium rate etc) keep increasing (probably correctly) but I can't see the individual calls at all. I have tried ALL the possible ways of speaking with BT and online chat with no effect, despite 'promises' that it is solved.

May be unrelated, but I suspect not, is that under 'My Services' my phone package is shown as 'Weekend and Evenings Free' when I have signed up for 'Unlimited Free'. I believe, but I can't be sure as I CAN'T READ THE CALLS that I am not being charged for daytime calls.

My setup is Broadband Option 2, One Phone line with Unlimited Free calls and paying direct debit monthly. I am currently over £100 in credit so they have put me on a payment holiday until January.

What I haven't mentioned is the 30+ HOURS of trying to sort out my problems (which included the aforementioned line number change) and the ONLY real sense came when I contacted these Forums a few months ago and a Moderator sorted out the number change issue for me.

So the challenges are: 1. Let me see my phone calls I have made

2. If that is not possible, let me know how to completely 'Deregister' from BT so I can start again by Registering and seeing if my packages show up correctly or 3. How do I contact a Phone Company who will be able to let me see online how much I am paying them and for what, 'cos BT certainly cannot.

My Best Wishes to all



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Re: My BT does not display my "Recent Usage"

Hi Claire,


If you can send in your details we'll be able to check this.


You can get our "Contact us" form by clicking on my username, it'll be under "About me" on my profile page (top-left of the page).





Community ModeratorStephanie
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