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My Infinity Journey

Not quite sure where to post this so move it if needed..


6th June: I order (online) BT Infinity + phone line, everything goes through and my engineer installation date is set for the 17th (delivery 15th). I purposefully get the day off work to be in for the appointment.


15th June: No delivery of HomeHub. No contact from BT

16th June: No delivery of HomeHub, I call up BT and am informed all the equipment will be bought in by the engineer..

17th June: No visit by the engineer, no contact from the engineer or from BT. By 6pm (It was a morning appointment), I call up BT again. Turns out there was a problem with the phone line which prevented them from an installation? Sure, why wasn't I informed. Have to cancel order and rebook if I want to continue with BT. I cancel my order.


18th June: I look into Virgin broadband, am informed I cannot get cable in my area so I try for just normal broadband + line. Turns out my property isn't registered with them and that may take several weeks.

19th June: After exhausting all other possibilities I call up BT again, ask for a new order since last one... Earliest appointment date, 9th July.


20th June-7th July: Had to call up several times for BT Wifi accounts to use in the meantime since BT cannot seem to get me online.


7th July: HomeHub4 due for delivery, arrives.

9th July: Am not able to get day off from work, appointment in the morning which suits. At 12:30 I get a call from engineer, he is unable to make it till 2. I'm at work at that time. Am informed there's nothing he can do - well obviously its completely my fault I'm unable to make it to the time specified. Call up BT. Ask what the hell's going on and am told there is nothing they can check/do until the next day.

10th July: Check my order tracking, see I've been given an appointment for the 23rd July. Call up BT, am told since this is a phone + broadband deal, there's no fasttrack option or any way for them to speed it up...


It's been over a month since my initial order. I had no contact from BT to tell me what was wrong with the first order, I had to phone in to find out it was a problem with the system.

On the second order, my engineer visit is cancelled since he's going to be an hour late. My next appointment is 2 weeks away?


Tell my why I should stay with BT? Right now, even providers with shaping are looking good.


edit: After the 6th call to BT this morning I managed to get hold of someone who could rearrange my visit for the 11th July instead of insisting there was nothing they could do about it. Will see if happens.

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Re: My Infinity Journey

Good luck with your installation, I have also had a nightmare of getting broadband with BT.  Firstly I had ADSL installed with a less than 1mb download speed, the engineer at installation identified a fault between the street cabinet and exchange.  It took two weeks for this ‘fault’ to be fixed, however it made no difference to my speed and I suspect that they just closed the ticket rather than doing anything.  Many calls and raising a complaint with helpdesk go me nowhere and they refused to acknowledge that the fault which had been identified had still not been resolved.  They would only agree to send an engineer if I paid a £99 engineer visit fee - totally unacceptable so I just decided to upgrade to infinity.


I submitted the order OK, but things did not go well on installation day, my appointment was 8am - 1pm, by 2pm no one had turned up or had the courtesy to call me and let me know, I called BT call centre who were completely useless and couldn't tell me anything about when the engineer would come, basically they said someone would come but couldn’t tell me when – I had taken the day off work but still had to attend a work meeting at the end of the day, I made this clear to the call centre person, but there response basically was there’s nothing we can do.  Eventually someone turned up about 3:15, he wasn't an engineer or from BT at all but and outsourced installer - this person was the rudest most unhelpful I’ve ever experienced.  I work in IT and have several computers at home, so I do know what I’m talking about.  This guy told me I had no idea what I was talking about when I explained where I wanted the open reach box installed and was quite offensive – I was using the same home hub from ADSL and he tried to tell me that the open reach box would somehow alter the strength of the WIFI signal from the hub around my home, clearly completely incorrect information (and the reason I wanted the open reach box installed in a specific place so WIFI would reach around my home rather than only cover half of it).  Far worse though was the job he did with installation, the BT site clearly says the engineer will be able to run cabling if required to install properly, this guy wasn’t able to do any of this, he had no equipment with him to do so, so all he did was dump the openreach box in the middle of my lounge with no proper installation of cabling or anything – so I’m left with a mess of cables all over the place which I have to sort out myself and run properly so they are not trailing across the place and so I can have the WIFI hub in the correct location in my home.  He also did not install a new face plate on my master socket, he just handed it to me and said you don’t need it, but here you go you can install it if you want.  My understanding was that the master socket belongs to BT and I shouldn’t alter it, but he clearly didn’t think this was the case.


In addition to all this there was some problem with the sockets/pins which had been assigned to me in the cabinet, so at one point I had him on the phone (while he was at the street cabinet) telling me how f*%king useless BT were and how they always f*%king do this – hardly professional considering he was actually there representing BT.


Overall I was left totally shocked with the person BT had send to my home, the lack of professionalism he showed and the impression this gave me of BT is shocking, I’m only thankful that I actually do now have a decent connection which works, I just hope I never have to deal with BT call centres or installations again- I would never recommend BT to anyone based on my experience trying to get what should be a very straight forward service up and running.

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