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My Infinity Order Keeps Getting Cancelled! And Much MUCH MORE!!

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Sorry, this is REALLY long, but I needed to document this somewhere.


I own a house.


I have two phone lines on my account.


I pay the bills for both, but one is used exclusively by my lodger. He pays me for his calls, broadband, etc. For years this has worked well. Even if we have two lines of ADSL2+ at a whopping 1Mbps each! (I know, "WOW!")


At last, at the end of June, BT Infinity 2 arrives on our estate. Testing indicates that we will get a serious 77Mbps down and about 15Mbps up.


I do a little victory dance.


Then, the pain starts. Courtesy of the BT Infinity team (I have been lead to believe).

My lodger wants his own "private" Infinity line. I think this is rude as he does not want to share, but hey, if he pays for it, who am I to judge?


I obtained two MAC keys from our current ISPs.

Around the 10th of July, I ordered two BT Infinity 2 lines to be installed. All was well. Engineer was booked for the same day to install the wall-boxes, modems, etc. Booked for 26th May.

I paid for a year's line rental on the line that I use, in advance, to save money.


Later that week, I noticed one of my orders has disappeared. Hmm.

I phoned the helpline. Got a really nice Indian lady. I asked her why the second Infinity line had not been installed.  She wanted to know what speed I was getting and could I please power-off the modem. Sadly, not good English. I apologised and said I had to go, and hung up. I phoned up again -

*1. Was told that only one BT Infinity modem could be installed at a time as the engineer would not have time to install both - this is even though TWO install slots were booked.


*.2 Later I got told that two Infinity lines could not be installed because the lines are on one account number.

The MAC for my lodger's line was put into the system. ALL records of any orders whatsoever disappeared from the BT tracking service!


I did however receive emails telling me of the install date, etc., of my lodger's line.


Sporadically, I received emails asking telling me that they NEEDED my MAC in order to progress my order. What order? There was NOTHING on the BT site. No VOLs or order numbers that I had been given brought up any results. According to the Order Tracker, there were no orders, so I could not enter the second MAC.


Stressful? (After ten years of truly awful download speeds - we've only had broadband of any sort for about three and a half years!) You had better believe I was stressed!!


On the 23rd July, I get a letter through the post from BT, dated the 11th of July. It says that my transfer to another phone company would be completed on the 24th July and should I wish to cancel this, I needed to contact BT BEFORE the 20th of July!

I panicked and phoned BT to stop the transfer. Whereupon the lady I spoke to said that she thought it rather strange that I had paid for a year's line rental then decided to move to another company. I later received welcome blurb from TalkTalk. TalkTalk? Grrrrrrr!


The Hub3 turns up on the 24th July, for the lodger's line.

The 26th, and the engineer turns up. Stuff installed. GREAT!!


Network crashes a couple of days later, east of London into Essex. BT pretends that it was a "line fault".

Also have had several modem crashes giving sub-1Mbps speeds.


It is now Wednesday 8th of August (I think). I decide to try and get the second Infinity line installed as I am still stuck on 1Mbps ADSL.

I go online to sign up.

What? I find out that I'm being charged for phonecalls during the day?

BT have cancelled my Anytime package on MY LINE on the 26th July without telling me and I have been running up call charges without knowing it!!

It gets better: There is now no record that I ever paid them £120 for my year's line rental, and to really take the pi**, they have charged me in advance for the August line rental.


I phone up to get things sorted regarding my year's payment, and to get my Anytime package put back on my account. Apparently this cannot be done BECAUSE THERE IS AN ORDER STILL WAITING TO BE ACTIONED ON MY ACCOUNT. Could this be the "cancelled" Infinity order? The system will not let anyone modify my account.

I get passed from department to department. Here. India. Here. Infinity team, wherever they are? And back to here again.

*3. The guy I finally spoke to confirmed that the reason I could not get Infinity on the second line was because the two phone lines were "linked" on the account. He said that he, "WOULD GET THE LINES SPLIT." That way the installation would go ahead. I was to call back after lunchtime on Friday all would be sorted.


Friday 10th. 1pm. I went online to check progress on my account. Nothing obvious. It still shows Evening and Weekend calls. Tried to order Infinity again online. It would not let me do so.


I then called BT. Guess what? It wasn't sorted. Yes, there was no record of any attempt to do so.

I then phone up the number I was given by the "Account-Split-Guy" to try again to get Infinity installed. I get through to India. I have the wrong department. I get though to Tech Support in India. I have the wrong department. I got through to someone in the UK, but they could not help, so I got put through I think to the Infinity booking team in India. They said I needed to talk to someone else, and FINALLY I got to talk to a really nice lady in the UK who went out of her way to help.

The nice lady in the UK asked what had happened. I told her. She tried to change my Anytime package, and it was blocked still.

*4. She told me that according to their system, *"I ALREADY HAD INFINITY ON THE LINE I WAS TRYING TO INSTALL ON"*.

I told her about all of the above.

She said she would look into it and get back to me.


After much messing about (hard work on her part!) she managed to get my Anytime package put back on my account. She said it would go live later that night. She tried to get an Infinity order processed, but she needed a MAC key. I gave her the one I had obtained when I originally placed the order, but it had expired!

I then got onto my old ISP and by some miracle they managed to get me a new MAC in just over half an hour!

I contacted the lady at BT who then got an order put through for BT Infinity. She did not need the MAC at the time, but was not allowed to place an order without one.

Much thanking went on.


Later Friday evening I went on the BT Order Tracking site to put in my MAC. It was not possible. It did say that the broadband order was "In progress", with an estimated Completion Date "Today." Even later Friday 10th of August, the broadband order is listed as "Completed." I try to enter my MAC again and I can't. I cannot book an engineer visit either.

I am again worried.


Saturday 11th, late in the evening, I phoned the Infinity install team, on the number I had been given, to give them my MAC. The lady in India could not understand what I was saying. I rang off apologising that I had the wrong number. Phoned again. India. Got a man on the phone to whom I explained that I wanted to give him my MAC key. He then asked me, "You have lost your MAC code?"

After much explaining he understood what I was saying. I gave him the then current VOL order number, and he said that for an Infinity install, they "Did not need a MAC key."

Fair enough. I thanked him, said goodbye and hung up.


I kept checking over the weekend and the order remained up on the site.


Monday 13th August. Morning. Logged onto BT site. My order was GONE from the Order Tracking page. Got an email and a phonecall from the lady at BT saying that she was still working on things. She had to take off the Anytime call package on my line, but leave it on the lodger's line for the time being. This "should" enable her to order Infinity on my line. I checked online later in the day, and there were order details there, but with a different order (VOL) number. It still shows that my broadband order completed on the 10th of August and my Evening and Weekend Package will complete on the 15th of August.


I need to say: Apart from the lady mentioned above, who has been superb all along, everyone else so far, wherever they are based, have been *very* polite and helpful while on the phone, just pretty useless when it actually comes to sorting the problems out. There has also been a significant language barrier on some occasions.


There were many more phonecalls on other occasions. More being passed from department to department, and more rubbish told to me than is listed above.

Luckily for you, this is all I can remember.


A new day has dawned. I still have a valid MAC, no Infinity, and no date for an engineer visit booked.


I am not optimistic. 😞

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Re: My Infinity Order Keeps Getting Cancelled! And Much MUCH MORE!!

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Hi Susibiker,


I am terribly sorry that you have had such a difficult time getting this sorted out.  Your post makes for some grim reading.  I'll be happy to give you a hand with this and make sure we get everything put right for you.


Could you drop me in an email please? Use the 'contact us' form in my forum profile under the 'about me' section. You can find it by clicking on my username.



BTCare Community Mod

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Re: My Infinity Order Keeps Getting Cancelled! And Much MUCH MORE!!

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Good luck. It usually takes lack of communication between BT Retail and Openreach to generate such stupid chaos. This time it seems BT Retail have managed to completely screw things up all by themselves without any outside (lack of) help.


It would have been interesting to be in on the design stage (if there was one) of the BT order process.

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Re: My Infinity Order Keeps Getting Cancelled! And Much MUCH MORE!!

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Hi CraigS.


Thanks for getting involved.

Have sent you an email (the Mods) using the form.




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Re: My Infinity Order Keeps Getting Cancelled! And Much MUCH MORE!!

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Hi All.


Today's update.


According to the Order Tracker-


Apparently, as of Friday the 10th of August, my BT Infinity 2 service installation was completed. Funny, I don't remember an OpenReach engineer breaking in and installing an Infinity wall-plate, and setting up my non-delivered and thus non-existent HH3!


Also, about an hour ago from this post time, around 1600hrs on Wednesday the 15th of August, my "New" Evening and Weekend Calling Package went "Live". I believe I have had that package all along. One of my gripes was that I was taken off the Anytime Package.


Hang on! What's this that came in the post earlier today? Dated the 10th of August - I am being informed that my "Unlimited Anytime Plan" is being set up. Cool! Ah, no completion date, but I was told over the phone, on the 10th, that it will have gone live by midnight of the 10th.

So, have I got it, or not? Any of it?


So. Still no second Infinity line.

Yes I know, some of you poor buggers cannot even get Infinity, but thanks to my Lodger and the general incompetence of one BT department or another, neither can I!


I am posting this over my trusty 1Mbps ADS2+ line, while trying to download a 3.2GB disc image from MS TechNET. Apparently, it is going to take me nearly 10 hours at the current speed. I have at least five more large images to download.

Oh boy...

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Re: My Infinity Order Keeps Getting Cancelled! And Much MUCH MORE!!

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Hi The mod team will get to the bottom of your problem and get it resolved for you they have a great reputation
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Re: My Infinity Order Keeps Getting Cancelled! And Much MUCH MORE!!

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Hi John,


Thanks for reassuring me. Just feel a bit low atm. Not angry.

I've learned a long time ago not to get angry with corporations. People work there, and People tend to get upset and not help when you yell at them.


On the down-side, maybe an up-side?

My ADSL line died just after your notification came through. My lodger is grudgingly letting me use his line until it is fixed.

I'm hoping that it is the BT Bods swapping my line over to VDSL as I type and they are going to come knocking at my door at any moment, with a big smile on their faces, and install the "Holy Modem of Antioch" TM Monty Python).


Ah well, it was a nice dream. Thanks again dear.

Susi xx



Nope. Just needed a reboot. Smiley Sad

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Re: My Infinity Order Keeps Getting Cancelled! And Much MUCH MORE!!

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you would have phoned before moving you to as your phone is also temporarily disconnected at the cabinet as they connect the links between the two cabinets and they would also check you are in before they start
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Re: My Infinity Order Keeps Getting Cancelled! And Much MUCH MORE!!

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Yeah, the Mod Team are ace.  You'll be in safe hands with them.


Try to keep smiling!




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Re: My Infinity Order Keeps Getting Cancelled! And Much MUCH MORE!!

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Funny, I thought that at the time. Checked the phone... OK.


Rebooted router. Fixed it. **bleep**!


I like the "bleep", but what I typed wasn't actually as awful as that makes it seem! Robot tongue



Thanks Rich. Will try.

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