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My Infinity2 Service is being throttled.

Bit of background: My apartment complex has been wired in an intriguing manner. Instead of master-sockets in each apartment there are simply 2 extension style sockets (Only 1 cable into them). This befuddled the engineer who installed my Infinity, we disconnected the unused bedroom connection and installed the new faceplate on the living room one.


I assume that the 'master' sockets are in a maintenance area in the complex and feed into the individual apartments.


Due to this I think that other residents who are not using filters on their phone lines are causing disruptive signals along the lines. (Can't be entirely sure, not been able to contact the building management as of yet)


I have been plagued with randomly re-synching connections. First on my basic broadband, I went through several brand new filters, moved everything away from the socket and hub. Nothing seemed to solve the dropping of the connection. This led to the BT exchange attempt to stabilise my line by repeatedly dropping the connection speed, eventually down to 250ish kbps. Horrible. The engineer had to visit to establish my line was actually running fantasticly and I had my speed re-established. It gradually dropped over the next couple of weeks as I waited for my infinity installation due to the random re-synchs again. Although I didn't mind too much as he told me when my infinity was installed these sort of problems wouldn't happen.


Got my infinity installed, eventually, the engineer reported a great connection, stable and virtually error free and a speed through his test machine of 50mbps. Wonderful.


The re-synching issue didn't go away and my speed has been dropping over time.


Now (I assume due to the automatic capping to try to stabilise my line) I'm down to around 4mbps.


Would there be any way the mods could perhaps put a flag on my line to stop the speed dropping? The line is stable, the speed of the connection isn't causing any issues, it's when outside sources cause a re-synch/drop. I can cope with the random disconnections but having to call the support lines every couple of weeks and then wait 3-4 weeks more for an engineer to make it on a saturday (I work 9-5) and uncap my line is hellish.

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Re: My Infinity2 Service is being throttled.

there is nothing BT Retail can do as the network is controlled by Openreach and they are just customer of Openreach like every other provider
The DLM is seeing the line as unstable caused by the noise problem you are suffering there is little that can be done with out some checks carried out with your internal wiring
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