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My Nightmare Experience Joining BT :(

I have been with Virgin Media for a number of years and this year I saw a good deal with BT so I thought I'd switch over and give it a go, what a mistake that was.


After first ringing up BT to join, I was told I have to order online instead since the deal was not available over the phone.  Ok I can understand but still annoying and a bit of a pointless exercise, anyhow I ordered online and all seemed well until I realised there was no where to order my 12 months line rental in advance during the order process.  Ok so now I have to ring BT up again... no problem... I call up and although extremly friendly, the BT guys seemed to be a bit clueless and told me I must of not seen the pay for 12 months line rental in advance.  I just agreed, but I know for a fact the option was not there because I spent 30 minutes ordering and screenshotted every page as I do with all online orders.  They didn't seem to know what they were doing or how to activate the 12 months line rental saver, they put me on hold for a while before someone finally came on the line to say "Ok I can do it, can I have your card details".  I proceeded to give card details and minutes later I got a confirmation e-mail, finally everything sorted! Or so I thought...


My problems first started when a few days later someone from BT calls me up and says "There is a fault in your area and we will not be able to activate your package by the 6th of April" so I replied "Ok, so when are you going to activate my broadband and this obviously means you won't charge me from the 6th?" the guy replied with "Give us a week, maybe 12 April or maybe 11 April", I asked him what exactly was the fault and why the engineer can't come on the 6th.  He couldn't tell me and just repeated he is very sorry and they will be there next week, he also reassured me I would not be charged until the fault is fixed.  I thought fine and gave him my thanks for the heads up, one week delay is not too bad, I can understand service faults happen (I just left Virgin with a lengthly service fault only to end up with one at BT, ha).


However, the next day I get a e-mail saying "Your engineer visit on the 6th of April is now confirmed" - ok what? Now I'm confused, someone from BT told me it's going to be delayed but all of a sudden it's back on schedule now, is the engineer coming on the 6th or not? I have no clue.


Anyhow, the 6th of April actually came and all of a sudden it looked like a engineer was really coming out.  The engineer was from Kelly Communications (contracted by BT) and he was very early, well before the scheduled time (10AM instead of 1PM to 6PM).  So I was not home to see him do the installation, but my parents let him in.  He proceeded to change our BT master socket and then disappeared saying "my job is done here".  Ok, that's great but he left our phone line not working and no internet and best of all he didn't test any of the equipment to make sure it was working.  So now, we are left without a telephone line or broadband which left me even more confused.  Thankfully, around 6PM our telephone line came online, however our fibre broadband did not.  I messaged the engineer who told me that he thought he had installed standard copper broadband (when we actually bought fibre) and that someone from BT will turn on the broadband from the cabinet shortly.


Not very reassuring, to make matters worse, when I did get home I realised that although he had installed the master socket, that was still no where near our main phone line or PC connection, they are actually 2 meters apart but because there is a door in the way, it makes it impossible to cable to the master socket without creating a major trip hazard.  It was my expectation that he would install the master socket or an extension in the correct place.


So I went to the clueless idiots on BT live chat (and yes that's very rude but an understatement as it does not include the explitives that come to my mind), in contrary to the amazing BT staff when you actually call them up, they eventually told me two things.  One, I have to wait until midnight for my fibre to start working and two, I have to pay £130!!!!!! pounds to get my broadband installed in the right place.  So I waited until midnight, but as you can imagine, I was pretty outraged when I heard the latter.


Now let me add some back story before I continue.  When I joined Virgin, they not only waived their £20 connection fee upon joining but they also dug up my driveway and routed a whole new cable connection directly through our cellar and into the perfect right spot, all at no cost and within two days (they got all our services running on day 1 using our neighbours connection and on day 2 created our own permanet connection).  BT on the other hand, wanted to charge me £60 for joining for the connection fee, which I paid and was expected a similar service to Virgin considering I am paying such a high fee (that's half a years worth of broadband).  But now I'm being told they won't even install the broadband in the correct place and they want to charge me a further £130 (more than the fibre costs for 12 months) to get it installed in the right place? Up your game BT because those prices are extortionate, if you can't install broadband in the right place then don't charge such high activaiton fees.


Anyhow, I waited until midnight and no joy the internet did not come to life.  I contacted BT live chat again on Friday and they told me everything looks fine from their end and that my 52 Mb broadband is up and running, clearly not.  I explained this to them and they seemed to be very sluggish at responding and very confusing (as if they didn't know what they were talking about), so I thought scrap that and I called BT where the agent very nicely reassured me and booked a engineer for Monday - Monday?!?! I was a little pee'd by now because the live chat agent told me my broadband was up and running and that I was now being billed from the 6th of April, yet my broadband was not up and running and BT was going to leave me without internet from Thursday until Monday, great -.-.


So today is Monday and it finally arrives, a proper BT engineer came over today and he told us that the fibre had not even been activated from the cabinet as it was supposed to be on Thursday (ain't that great).  He finally set it up properly and now finally everything is up and running.  I contacted BT on live chat to let them know what had happened and asked for a refund for the downtime I have had since the 6th, the live chat agent told me (after keeping me waiting for 10 minutes and me explaining everything in plain english to them) "Your broadband services have been up and running since the 6th of April and therefore you have been charged from that date".  Great, another clueless idiot.  I then proceeded to explain to him the situation and how their engineer failed to activate the broadband on the 6th.  He then told me "Oh wait I can see there is a fault on your account, come back on 12th April for your refund".  Really? I already have my broadband working today, why the hell do I have to contact you again on 12th April and why is this refund not automatic?


Anyhow, I then proceeded with my second question, I noticed in my bill there was no mention of the 12 months line rental saver I had ordered and it looked like I was being charged £18.99 for the line rental too.  The live chat agent kept me waiting for another 10 minutes before coming back and saying I have never ordered line rental and it's not on my account.  Great, still a clueless idiot.  So I explained to him how I called up on the date I ordered to get it done and how I have the confirmation e-mail in black and white english.  The agent continues to ask me the exact date and time of the e-mail which I did but he refused to accept me forwarding him a copy of the e-mail.  Eventually, he told me he would have to transfer me to the correct department.  I said fine and I got transferred to yet another clueless idiot.  This second clueless idiot proceeded to tell me that my package costs double what I signed up for and that the discount of the line rental is already included (when it clearly was the full price).  When I explained why this is wrong and told them I have clear evidence in black and white of what my package is and why can't they just activate the 12 months line rental on my account, the agent said they would have to pass me onto the correct department, agian.


This third clueless idiot that I got passed onto simply transferred the chat within 2 minutes and then the whole chat session disconnected.  Worst customer service ever and keep in mind I was very polite to the agents throughout this whole 1 hour + conversation, although I did express my frustrations at how they continued to misinform me and not know anything.


Anyhow, I proceeded to call BT and once again, another amazing guy on the end of the line who was once again very reassuring and apologetic.  He explained my line rental order had not gone through as it was ordered during my main pending order.  He said he would get this month's line rental credited and get someone to call me tomorrow to order the line rental again tomorrow so they can properly add it to the account, he also put in a formal complaint on my behalf.  This was sorted out in a matter of 5 minutes calling BT, instead the idiots on live chat wasted 1 hour + of mine and then just disconnected.  What a bunch of .......................



1. BT live chat sucks, providing the worst customer service I have ever experienced.

2. Ordering process is way too overcomplicated, I think I went through like 7 or 8 pages of ordering online, when it could have been a simple 1 page order.  In addition to this, having to call BT, then be told to do it online, then call them again to do the line rental is just really a big hassle and waste of my time and the fact the line rental order did not even go through properly after all that is just an added stress and pain.

3. Installation was overpriced and underdelivered, probably the worst installation I have ever had of anything in our house.

4. Everyone is clueless, especially live chat.  After ordering the amount of confusion and stress that BT has put me through (as I have descirbed in detail above) is just so painful that I don't think switching was worth it in the end and I can't wait until my 12 months are up.  Everyone from the people taking my BT line rental order, to the contracted engineers to the idiots on live chat all seem to not know what is exactly going on which is the main reason why I have been through this hassle.


I spent the past week or so dealing with BT, either contacting them through live chat or by phoning them and I'm frankly SICK of it by now.  I have to call BT again tomorrow to pay my line rental AGAIN and then call them AGAIN the day after tomorrow to claim back the downtime days that BT is wrongly charging me for even though I was told I would not be charged until everything is properly activated.  This could have all been automated and stress free, but BT insists on ruining my evenings for two weeks.


Thanks BT, what a joy it has been to join you....  I've only described 80% of my problems with BT so far, because I can't even be bothered to write about the other 20% as this is already an essay.

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Re: My Nightmare Experience Joining BT :(

I have asked a moderator to provide assistance, they will post an invite on this thread.
They are the only BT employees on this forum, and are based in the UK.

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Re: My Nightmare Experience Joining BT :(

Hi @777GE90,


I am sorry to hear about the problems you've had since joining. I know you've since raised a complaint, and a team are handling it for you, but would you like our help with it instead? We can look into everything and manage your case for you.


If you'd like our help, you can reach us by clicking on my user name and then on contact the mods. It'll let you raise a trouble ticket into us. It may take a couple of working days for us to get back in touch after you raise it.





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Re: My Nightmare Experience Joining BT :(

I never got a call back from BT yesterday as I was told, pretty disappointed but BT have already put the bar so low that it was almost expected disappointment.


Anyhow, I wasted another 1 hour+ of my evening last night calling up BT due to their failed callback, waiting on hold, explaining everything to the agent again.  Once again he was super friendly and helpful and it looks like he has now sorted out everything for me, so I hope I don't have to contact BT again and can finally get on with my life.

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