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My Phone is compatible for 4G, but BT say my BT Plan says No to 4G calling, Why?

I have a Samsung J5Pro which is deemed compatible for access to 4G network. The network mode on myphone displays LTE/3g/2g (auto connect), other options are listed as 3G & 2G, no 4G is displayed on this screen.

My BT a/c shows my plan does NOT have 4G calling or Wifi Calling. My BT mobile 'My Sim' app under 'Phone Connectivity' shows 4G Calling - NO. Wifi Calling - NO.

My Home screen, top righthand side occasionally displays the 4G icon, but only intermittently & then it drops out to 3G/2G. I've never yet experienced a 4G my knowledge.

I did a check on the availability of 4G in my area and it shows no issues....all in the pink! 

I called BT on 24 Jan & they say they don't know why I can't access 4G. Could be my phone, could be something else.

I checked with Samsung that my 'Mobile Networks/Network Mode' should have something like: LTE/WCDMA/GSM (auto connect), but mine does not. The only options are LTE/3G/2G (auto connect) or 3G/2G or 3G only or 2G only.  I have no ability to change this, although BT say LTE is automatically a 4G option anyway.

Can anyone help or has anyone experienced this please particular issue & can shed some light on it? 

BT have forwarded it to their techies, probably India & am not expected to get a response for some days. 

Here's hoping.


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