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My bill etc.

Last year I was called by BT and informed that if i wanted to continue with BT Sport,I would have to pay an extra £5 per month from the following month. I said that i did not want it as I never looked at it. The person said that if I entered into another package, I could have it free,she also gave me more sales talk. I later found out that I had been talked into an 18 month contract instead of the one year one that I was on. I found this out because I was going to change providers and couldn't because I was still in contract. I complained that it was a bad way of enticing customers to take services that they didn't want and then extend the contract. I never received any reply to this complaint even when I contacted Neil Forbes,a customer adviser via his e mail.


I have now seen my bill rise to £60.68 per month but I no longer use the BT you view box( I have a freesat box installed) which is £9.45 per month and because my contract ends soon after 12 months because there has been a price increase,can anything be done to reduce my monthly payment. I spoke to several advisers who said that they will e mail me some figures but this hasn't happened,except when eil Forbes e mailed me some figures as i was thinking of changing providers.


Thank you.

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Re: My bill etc.

Unfortunately, you've missed the boat on cancelling because of the price rise.


Ask whether your BT TV is on a 12 or 18 month contract.  It's often only 12.  If that's the case, you may be able to cancel that.  Also see if there are any other optional extras you don't mind cancelling.


Unfortunately, there are few options to haggle unless you're in the last month of a contract, and even then any new deal will come with another contract.

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Re: My bill etc.

Hi Thanks. My contract had reverted to 12 months due to the price increases. My contract ends in two days-21st July. I still haven't received a reply or any acknowledgement of my original complaint. I did explain that I wanted to end the payment on my You View box,but was told I couldn't until the contract ends. Also, I don't use all my broadband allocation as I don't download films or music. Looks as if I will have to try to sort something over the phone, which I was trying to avoid doing.

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