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My bill is £20 higher than it should be?

I've been a user of BT Fibre 2 for more than 3 years and I'm currently paying £58.99 per month total. While looking for ways to cut costs, I realized that this is actually almost £20 higher than the regular price of £39.99 which is listed for Fibre 2 on the Broadband Deals page.

My bill doesn't really have any additional information on where the £20 are going, since it only contains one item for Fibre 2 which is £58.99. I'm trying to figure out if I've been somehow added some extras without knowing, but I don't know how to find this out. My BT only offers upgrades and not downgrades and I can't seem to be able to easily switch to the £39.99 offered on the website.

Any help around this is appreciated.

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Re: My bill is £20 higher than it should be?

Hi @fstanis,

Thank you for posting. The difference in cost would be because your contract has ended. If you give BT a call on 0800 800 030 they will be able to offer you a reduction in cost if you agree to sign up for a new minimum term.



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