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My calls are being intercepted and cut off


I have been having my calls intercepted and odd things going on for a while

BT have tested  the line twice.

The last time I was cut off was last week. The phone rang. Then it went engaged, then nothing and then a dead tone and then cut off. With a noise like a button being pressed in between.

Iv been cut off in the middle of conversation's with people.

Iv also had switching noises and then two guys saying to each other  and then cut off

Also when you pick the hand set up it gives off a high squeal sometimes.

Iv been trying to research what could be going on.

Any ideas would be good.Iv had some horrible things happen in the last 18 months Iv reported to the police but nothing.. My mobile was factory reset and now I don't have the echoe ,,clicking .

The house is  a new build with the cables underground.

Also does anyone know what sagecom devices are used for?? Something to do with rf and tracking??


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Re: My calls are being intercepted and cut off

I very much doubt that your calls are being Intercepted, more than likely there is a fault on your line causing the calls to cut off. Have you tried a known working corded phone into the test point of your main socket? With regard to sagecom I suspect you mean sagem. They were a French company that supplied telecom services, mobile phones, broadband equipment.
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Re: My calls are being intercepted and cut off

I could try a different phone. This is the second one we have had.

Its worth trying.

Iv also had switching noises and then very faintly two guys talking and then a switch noise and it gets cut off.

I will purchase another phone,Thanks

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Re: My calls are being intercepted and cut off

This is the company, sell some interesting kit
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