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My email.

Can anybody explain and advise me what to do about emails that get generated and sent from my email address without my permission or knowledge.  In the past few weeks I have noticed several emails being sent by 'me' to people I have no knowledge of and have had no hand in sending. Sometimes they get returned which is how I know they have happened but I  got one myself this morning. Addressed to my email address from my email address and which I had nothing to do with . It had a link on it and then about a page of nonense ,  written in English but goobbldegook. What is going on?  Has someone stolen my email address and is using it if so why and how do I stop them. Or is it a virus or what?  Who should I tell to get it sorted out? Help!!! I am being used in some way  and its really unpleasant. Paul.

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Re: My email.

It's entirely possible that spammers have discovered your email address, and they are using your name in the From field. If that's the case, then it falls into the category of spoofing. Not much to do about that except to NOT click on links in their emails out of curiosity because you might pick up a worm/virus. Check your email Sent Folder and see if there's anything in there that would indicate that the spammers have gained access to your password (required to physically use your email account). I would also change your password on that account just to protect yourself against hackers who might have access to your account.


Secondly, run your anti-virus program (full scan!) and see if anything comes up. If it says you're clean, then double check it by using an anti-malware program. I use the free program at which works well for me as a 'security blanket'. I also have Norton 360 but even Norton suggests that users have two anti-malware programs because no single program can protect you against everything out there. Download the anti-malware program there, install and then update the program's database before scanning your PC. If the program shows that you have a virus or problem, then go to malwarebytes forum/community on their site and ask for assistance.


But first things first: change your password on that email account to protect yourself.


Good luck!

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Re: My email.

If it's simply that a spammer is using your email address on their postings, then there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. Just delete all the bounced enails without reading them. The spammers switch addresses frequently, so it will stop after a few days.

I'd agree with the recommendation to run a full virus scan, just in case.
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Re: My email.

and if you have a destop email client, check the sent folder there, there are lots of mass mailer worms around that once installed will do what there designed to do (mass mail everyone in there directory) somple enough for the average av program to find/fix/prevent. and after checing your pc for infection loginto the account and change your password, if your pc is infected then they will simply get the new password.

also if you still have one of those emails, right click on the enty in the inbox and choose view message source

in there it should have a reply to address and a from addreess, as well as probably 3 or 4 envelope from addresses (in the case of a spammer who got your name/adress)
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