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My hatred off Bt

This time last week i had had enough off BT and thier fasle promise's all the time,to be perfectly honest if i could get my hands on the one i always seem too get when i phone up i would teach him proper English,Bt get such arrogant people working on help lines,you get things sorted you give them your bank details arrange DD and then you have a letter saying DD have been cancelled,well not by us to our knowledge it was being paid,we get the letter saying it hasnt 6 months later and the phone bill is at such an ammount,you call and arrange another payment off DD in the mean time they cut some off the services,this morning i was waiting for a call from the hospital for me to go in for treatment and i have not got the call because now i have no working line what so ever..I would like to know BT why dont you keep your promises and treat the public like human beings not like dirt,you at the end off the day are just money grabbers like everyone else,i just hope that more n more people wake up and see you for what you are.

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Re: My hatred off Bt

Hi Chelsmarty,


Thanks for posting. I'm really sorry to hear you're having problems with your service. I'm sure I can help with this. Email your details to with a link to this thread and I'll be happy to look into your issues.





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