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My new Home Hub 6 got issues.


Postman arrived this afternoon and i've finaly able to get rid of my HH3 (and the Fibre modem) for a brand new HH6

After only a couple of hours use and I've found 3 annoying issues so far (starting from least to most annoying):

1)  Bt-Wifi is disabled (not a biggie but can't seem to get it enabled, might need to leave it for 24/48 hours!)

2)  Does not let me change the "device" icon of a couple of my devices or let me change a couple of them from DHCP to HH6 sticky (Router side static).

3) I have 3 WiFi devices Android Phone , Android Tablet , HP Printer.  The phone and printer show up in the "Home Network / Wireless connection devices" page / diagram, but the tablet does not! All 3 are connected and can access the internet it's just that the tablet does not show up. very annoying!!

Apart from those annoyingthings, so far so good!

Anyone got any suggestions about the issues?

Or do i just live with them and let my mild "network documentation" related OCD drive me !!!!crazy!!!! 😄 lol

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Re: My new Home Hub 6 got issues.

Hi i wouldn't worry too much about the BT WIFI i think it's best [for now] to just leave it off, from what i remember it can cause issues. Have you tried adding the Tablet manually ?

Others on here have had some issues with the new Hub luckily mine has been OK and been up and running for about 5 weeks. I am not too well up on your problems so just wait till someone on here gives you a more detailed reply, try not to mess with it too much!  

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Re: My new Home Hub 6 got issues.

It connects ok it's just not showing up in the hub control pages.

Which menas i can't fix the ip address, or set up any access controls...

p.s. i love to mess around with the settings. 😉 lol

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