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My new home hub 3 doesn't talk to the copier/printer

So I have this brand, spanking new home hub 3 that wondeerfully instantly connects me and all the machines on our network to the internet - definitely no issues there, but will it talk to our our Infotec copier/printer/scanner, which is a part of the network? No way! The printer copier scanner should be allocated an IP address by the router. This IP address is then put into the specific PC port in TCIP settings. With the new home hub in place, both those IP settings match - in other words, the one on my PC, and the one on the copier. But will it print? Heck no!

We have 3 network switches on our network, 4 PC's running a mix of Windows 7 and XP. The network runs standard Cat 5 cable.

We have the simple answer - use the old not BT router - and all is well and works as it should.

But the BT router doesn't work! Please help.

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