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MyBT - Who writes this stuff?

I was just having a look at my account in MyBT and it popped up to ask me to rate my experience. I scored it fairly poorly and I want you to know why.

Who at BT is actually in charge and signs off on the content? As a company you have zero chance of your customers self serving with the amount of errors and inaccuracies that we have to wade through!

For example, my package includes Max HD for TV, but look at the state of this information:

MyBT ScreenshotMyBT Screenshot

Now luckily I know a bit about TV, but imagine I was a new customer who didn't, how many Freeview channels do I get in HD? Can I look forward to watching BT Sport in 4K with this package?

You get my point. And don't get me started on spelling mistakes and grammatical errors! 🤣 

Is anyone at BT going to get a grip on this? You are shooting yourselves in the foot surely? I would love to know how many complaints etc. you have to deal with just because you can't provide the correct information on your various websites?

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Re: MyBT - Who writes this stuff?

It will sadly only get worse, for many reasons. Standards are declining, people can't really be bothered to read the information properly, businesses are aware and therefore take advantage etc.

It's far from just being BT, it's becoming rife. I visited someone in a private hospital this week and written on the white board in their room was '4 riv. on...…'. I think it was written to mean 'For review on....' but who knows!

It's like the smart meter rollout, 13 billion and counting, there's no hope if you need something to tell you to turn the light off. They should only be available on a needs only basis such as the elderly, less abled bodied etc. I've gone off on a tangent but these things are happening and common sense and standards seem to have gone out of the window.

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Re: MyBT - Who writes this stuff?

The thing that annoys me about MyBT is that it can't/doesn't tell me when contracts expire. So I have broadband, BT Sport, etc. which, I suspect, but am not absolutely certain, have different end dates. Do I have lots of overlapping contracts?

I've just had an email telling me the price of BT Sport will increase next month. If I renew for 18 months, the price will stay the same. As I don't know when anything else expires, will I end up extending everything for 18 months to save myself £4 per month?

I'm sure that BT do this to cloud the issue as much as they possibly can!

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Re: MyBT - Who writes this stuff?

It's confusion marketing at it's finest, not enough information to make a clear decision on anything coupled with back end systems even their staff can't operate correctly or get the right information from.

Just look at all the pricing threads appearing now!

And it's deliberate by the way, the lack of clarity is intentional. 

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