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MyBT in meltdown?

Relating somewhat to this thread ....


My Account page is now like this - changed from the screen shot in this different thread - they seem to be aware there is a problem.....




"System error"


but if I click on the link that I've underlined to tell them I have a BB service and am the account holder it takes me to a completely irrelevant page that asks for technical details of equipmentSmiley SurprisedSmiley Surprised Smiley Mad



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Re: MyBT in meltdown?

Tried it 5 minutes ago Flo worked perfectly my bill was due and its DD so I downloaded the bill to look at it . At the My Account bit there is a ""NEW"" sticker. Didnt get the stuff you are getting ?

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Re: MyBT in meltdown?

Thanks for the reply duncan10.


A glimmer of light - when I enquired recently about upgrading to Infinity the Sales guy told me that my account needed "merging". So he said he'd do it, it would take 24 hrs and he'd call back. hahahahahahah!! The promised BT call-back. He didn't.


I bet any of you anything that this is a result of this so-called merging of accounts (I said to him that the account seemed to be merged anyway because everything showed up on one accout and one bill, with one account number, but he apparently thought differently).


Smiley Sad


I suspect that I am about to experience my first event horizon - been nice knowing you all......... Smiley Sad

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Re: MyBT in meltdown?

A flurry of emails to Warren and Gavin resulted in contact with a member of the CEO Service team who has been very helpful and reassuring. Not out of the woods yet.
They merged my account with one whose existence I was wholly unaware. Something linked to the free BT vision service with which ee persist. Then cancelled the functioning one that provided online access to bills, calls, usage monitor etc.
Now when I log in as normal I am presented with new page that displays the "new" account number, but unfortunately provides no access to my services - bills, calling plan, usage monitor, calls data etc, as the old cancelled account did. I can change personal details and log off but that is all.
The guy has promised to call on Monday, and - no laughing at the back please - I believe him.

If there is anything BT learns from this so far it is that they must train their Sales staff to be specific about these account merges, and explain what is happening clearly and that there will be an account deletion and a new account number starting with GB.
They will also have to ensure that the access to the new account matches the functionality of the old one. It looks to me that the website designers have some serious work to do because they plainly have not succeeded in my case.
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Re: MyBT in meltdown?

I'm pleased to say that this has been resolved, mostly. A very courteous, patient and well-informed member of the Chairman and Chief Exec's Service Team has been responsible.


MyBT now displays two accounts - the old SMxxxx and the new GBxxxxx. The former, now closed, links to old data. The latter now links to the customary phone and broadband data as before (the Calling Plan add-ons are still not displayed, "but we're working on it").


However, data relating to most of November has disappeared between the bills dated 6Nov and 26Dec.


(I wonder if those experiencing the "The usage monitor is currently undergoing maintenance. Please try again later" problems are unwittingly looking for the usage monitor via a defunct SMxxxxx account. That's the page I get if I try to access BB usage via the SMxxxx account, and what I was getting before I discovered that it had been closed without my being informed - BB usage displays normally now via the new GBxxx account)


Fwiw here's the MyBT entry page now:



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Re: MyBT in meltdown?

Oops, I spoke too soon. Checked the details of the last two bills (Nov 6 and Dec 26), and they have overlapped two periods, so have double-charged me. Smiley Mad

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Re: MyBT in meltdown?

Well, they haven't double-charged me, apparently, and all is explained on the Final Bill for the SMxxxxx account.

The trouble is there is not even the slightest whiff of a Final Bill - it must be in the same black hole as the lost call details data.

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