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MyBT shows info from May 2013,but not new broadband/phone info

I had a BT phone line until May 2013, and rejoined BT in June taking an Infinity package with phone, although the switchover won't be made until 16th July. I would like to see the info for the new package - however, I can only see the old (May 2013) phone info, despite adding the new broadband account to my old BT ID, and (a week later, when that didn't seem to work) adding a new BT ID. A week later than that I received a "REMINDER: Activate your BT ID to see your account online" email which I also clicked (although I had activated the BT ID weeks before when I received an earlier email anyway) - except, that after all that I still can't see my new account info on either ID online. I just see "Sorry! We're not able to show your bill and usage details at the moment as the website is undergoing maintenance. Please try again later." - except that, puzzingly, on one occasion a week ago I did see the correct information. What should I do?

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Re: MyBT shows info from May 2013,but not new broadband/phone info

if you read your old post on this subject you will see a forum mod offered to help you