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Signing to MyBT take me to my emails. BT no help with this. Constant round in circles. Staff are incoherent and unhelpful. 

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Re: MyBT

sorry but I am not sure what your problem is so can you give a bit explanation

I can sign in to mybt but my email is different login 

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Re: MyBT

I sign into myBT using my id etc. Goes straight to my emails. Id etc set up some time back and has worked up until now. Don't know how else to explain this. 

OK. I go to MyBt to view my bill. Click on View my bill. Takes me to Login page. Enter ID and Password. Hit Login. Highlight MyBt. Select View my bill. Takes me back to Login screen and the process carries on and on and on. round in a circle.

That clear enough?

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Re: MyBT

Try clearing your browsers history/cache and cookies to see if that helps.

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Re: MyBT

I have the same problem and no help from BT after a 25 min call which was extremely unhelpful they hung up on me. I've even changed my password, but it hasn't helped. Did you get any support from BT on how to resolve? Thanks in advance.
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