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Mysterious Phone Line...

This is a cracker! I moved into a new build flat a month ago. Couldn't order a phone line from BT on the web as the post code did not compute (but the postcode DOES register on the Royal Mail website so how can that be?) Why can't BT and all the energy companies etc keep up??? But I digress. Placed the order on the phone and then got bombarded by an almost hour by hour (I exaggerate!) email countdown from OpenReach as we got towards the appointed day and hour. Not complaining about that - it was reassuring and sure enough on the day and time the guy rocked up and in no time flat I've got an operational phone line. Bingo bango. Though I'd better do the decent thing and set up some means of payment for this lovely line so using a PC in another location dialled up the BT website and went to register for MyBT.... But when I put in my sparkly new phone number (which rings out and rings in) and postcode then the BT website says "The information that I have offered is invalid" The information being the phone number THEY GAVE ME at the postcode THEY ATTENDED !!!!!!!! Now how about that then guys and gals?????!!!!!! So I'm just going to leave well alone for a bit as I have a feeling that they will come and find me eventually!!! What an organisation!!!

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Re: Mysterious Phone Line...

Hi selby_place,

Did you manage to get this sorted yet?
BT Mod Team
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