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Mystery device appears when Wholehome reboots.

Can anyone explain a device RE222221 that appears when BT Wholehome reboots? 

MAC says it is from Arcadyan Technologies but it also identifies as an LG TV. I note that Arcadyan make the BT Wholehome devices  

It comes online very briefly as the Wholehome restarts and then vanishes, all in under a minute.

Unlikely to be something picked up from nearby house, they are too far away. Attempts to locate a signal from it once everything is up fail and no IP address has been assigned.  

It does not seem to be part of my network, nor harmful, I’m just curious. 

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Re: Mystery device appears when Wholehome reboots.

I get exactly the same, it has been on and off my network for a while, concluded the same, ie it seems to be related to the BT Whole Home and not the LG TV.

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