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Re: NAT settings - STRICT - Home Hub 2 when using Modern Warfare 2 PC

hmm done what one of the posts says about the drop down menu...


getting the message


"ports setting conflict

This application ports setting conflict with others, Please correct it and try again."
atm only my pc and the xbox are running and hence im unsure how this can be affecting the ports at all really nothing else has application sharing on as the router settings have only just been fully reset..any ideas? (or is it time to tell bt to give me a better router than the homehub2?)
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Re: Strict NAT



You need to follow these steps, only substitute 'Games Console' for the computer you play the games on.,1277,1277


Hope this helps!

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Re: Strict NAT

I tried to follow the steps but when I click on 'Home Network' I receive an error:


Access Error: 500 -- Internal Server Error


However, I've continued following the other steps and managed to open the ports as shown on this screenshot:

Even after doing this I still get the Strict NAT message. I also went to 'Configuration' and applied the setting to the PC I play the game on.

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Re: Strict NAT

I've contacted the EA support and communicated to an agent via live chat. According to him my connection is below average and is my ISP's fault.

This is the full chat log:



Smith: Hi, my name is Smith. How may I help you?
2376991253: Hello, I want to change my NAT type to Open since it is Strict right now and makes finding games online difficult
Smith: Hi
Smith: Please specify your issue in detail
2376991253: When I play online I rarely ever get into a game and if I do I often disconnect when in a game. Then I found out that my NAT type is the issue
2376991253: I checked and found out that I need to open ports on my router which I've done but I still receive the NAT: Strict message in-game and still rarely find games
2376991253: This is a screenshot of which ports I opened
Smith: Thanks, please allow me a moment to check it
Smith: Sorry the domain is coming as invalid. On which platform are you playing? PC, X-Box 360 or PS 3
2376991253: PC
Smith: Do you have a software firewall, antivirus or security suite running? if then disable it first and then try to run.
2376991253: I have BitDefender and tried disabling it but it didn't change anything
2376991253: The only other firewall left is the router one
Smith: Okay
Smith: I would request you to please run a trace for us to review. In order to do this,

1.Using your Internet browser on your PC, click the following link to download the UOTrace program:
2.Run UOTrace. (If a pop-up box appears telling you 'UO Server List not found,' click No.)
3.Click the Options menu at the top of the window and select Advanced.
4.In the rectangular window where the server is listed, type in
5.Click the Trace Route button, which is the fourth button from the left.
6.After the trace route has completed, click the Poll button, which is two buttons to the right of the Trace Route button.
7.Let it send around 100 or so packets then click Stop Poll.
8.Click Edit and select Copy.
9.Click the Start button (Windows button for Microsoft Windows Vista) on the Windows Taskbar.
10.Select All Programs.
11.Select Accessories.
12.Click Notepad.
13.From the menu toolbar, click Edit and click Paste.
14.From the menu toolbar, click File and click Save.
15.Repeat steps 2 through 14 so that you have two separate files for us to compare and review.
2376991253: Do I send the 2 files using the 'Attach File' button?
File attachment upload has started.
The file 1.txt (2.07KB) was received.
File attachment upload has started.
The file 2.txt (2.07KB) was received.
Smith: I have gone through your UO trace report and found that currently your connection to our servers is below par as you are experiencing data loss. You will have to contact your Internet Service Provider to resolve this issue. You may wish to show them the results from your trace route as it is proof that connection is having issues. I'm sorry we could not be of any more help.
2376991253: Well ok s i'll contact my service provider
Smith: Okay
Smith: Thank you for your participation in the EA Games Chat Support.

Smith: It was my pleasure assisting you.

Take care, Bye!

These are the 2 trace routes:



Host Name                                IP Address        Hop    Ping Time   Ping Avg   % Loss    Pkts r/s    Ping best/worst
BThomehub.home                      1      0ms         0ms        0%        100 / 100   0ms / 1ms
* Unknown Host *                   2      15ms        14ms       0%        100 / 100   13ms / 21ms
* Unknown Host *                   3      17ms        17ms       0%        100 / 100   14ms / 156ms
* Unknown Host *                   4      18ms        18ms       0%        100 / 100   17ms / 59ms
* Unknown Host *                   5      18ms        17ms       0%        100 / 100   17ms / 19ms
* Unknown Host *                  6      18ms        18ms       0%        100 / 100   17ms / 19ms   7      17ms        22ms       0%        100 / 100   17ms / 80ms   8      28ms        32ms       0%        100 / 100   28ms / 128ms      9      28ms        30ms       0%        100 / 100   27ms / 71ms      10     27ms        27ms       0%        100 / 100   26ms / 35ms       11     108ms       107ms      0%        100 / 100   107ms / 116ms        12     103ms       103ms      0%        100 / 100   102ms / 150ms      13     111ms       110ms      0%        100 / 100   109ms / 111ms
* Unknown Host *                    14     110ms       110ms      0%        99 / 99     109ms / 123ms             15     110ms       114ms      0%        99 / 99     109ms / 305ms           16     109ms       109ms      0%        99 / 99     108ms / 114ms






Host Name                                IP Address        Hop    Ping Time   Ping Avg   % Loss    Pkts r/s    Ping best/worst
BThomehub.home                      1      0ms         0ms        0%        101 / 101   0ms / 1ms
* Unknown Host *                   2      14ms        14ms       0%        101 / 101   13ms / 42ms
* Unknown Host *                   3      15ms        19ms       0%        101 / 101   14ms / 149ms
* Unknown Host *                   4      18ms        18ms       0%        101 / 101   17ms / 55ms
* Unknown Host *                   5      17ms        18ms       0%        101 / 101   17ms / 73ms
* Unknown Host *                  6      18ms        18ms       0%        101 / 101   17ms / 52ms   7      19ms        21ms       0%        101 / 101   17ms / 67ms   8      29ms        33ms       0%        101 / 101   28ms / 124ms      9      57ms        30ms       0%        101 / 101   27ms / 89ms      10     33ms        27ms       0%        101 / 101   26ms / 62ms       11     108ms       109ms      0%        100 / 100   107ms / 142ms        12     103ms       104ms      0%        100 / 100   102ms / 176ms      13     111ms       110ms      0%        100 / 100   109ms / 159ms
* Unknown Host *                    14     110ms       109ms      0%        100 / 100   109ms / 117ms             15     110ms       120ms      0%        100 / 100   109ms / 316ms           16     109ms       110ms      1%        99 / 100    108ms / 152ms



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BT Home hub Online gaming NAT type Strict - Solution



I'm writing this as I have just had an interesting conversation with a BT 'engineer' over the telephone. Essentially, I needed him to reset my admin username and password so I could log in to BT homehub manager and try to resolve what is a common problem to gamers - changing NAT type from 'open' to 'strict'.


He was a little bemused and after hearing my method of changing it, asked if I would write it in the online forum as the telephone help engineers often struggle when gamers ring up questioning them about NAT types. Therefore, I'm hoping this will help others who have struggled with this problem as no doubt our parents are too stubborn to actually change to a router which isn't provided free of charge like the Homehub.


Here goes:


Firstly, Go to Start - All Programs and locate BT Homehub in the list and click on the Hub Manager link.


Secondly, Click on the 'Advanced' link at the bottom of the menu on the left and then click on the 'continue to advanced..' link next to 'back to homepage'.


This should bring up a pop-up window asking for your admin username and password.


The admin username should be - admin (This is for the old white BT homehub)

The admin password should be admin1


The new black Bt homehub has the username - 'admin' and the password is the S/N number found on the sticker on the base of your router. You do not need to type the final two characters in the brackets, just the 11 character jumble of letters and numbers.


Once onto the advanced section you then need to click on the 'firewall' link on the left underneath the 'configuration' section. This then brings up a series of check boxes and the 'standard' one should currently be checked.


Check the 'Disabled' box and then click next.


You then need to exit the BT homehub Manager and re-do the process then changing the firewall back to it's original 'standard' setting. This should have reset the firewall settings.



In conclusion, the reason for this is that BT update the firmware settings on your router on a fairly random basis and when this happens the NAT type is changed to strict. Through disabling the firewall temporarily it should reset your router. If you need to do a factory reset of your router to reset your admin name and password, simply hold down the 'wireless association' button on the back of your router for 30 seconds; the lights on the front should then come back on one-by-one. Then, when you enter the hub manager it will ask you to reset your password, your username will remain as 'admin'.


This should hopefully solve the problem until BT decides to do it's next firmware update and you'll have to repeat this process again. It seems lengthy when written down here butin reality it takes a mere few minutes.


If you have any questions, feel free to respond and I'll try to answer them as best as I can,



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Re: BT Home hub Online gaming NAT type Strict - Solution

Great find and many thanks for sharing.
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Xbox getting NAT strict when Access Control is enabled on Home Hub 3 / BT Infinity

I have used Access Control to block access to Xbox Live from our Xbox, connected via ethernet to the 1Gig port on the HH.  However, the only way I can get the Xbox to connect to Xbox Live again, after having been blocked by Access Control, is by either rebooting the HH3 (so all our other PCs are obviously affected) or by disabling Access Control (which I don't want to do).  Both of these immediately resolves the NAT Strict issue, but neither is saitisfactory.  I also have Port Forwarding set up for Xbox Live.  Any ideas?

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Re: Xbox getting NAT strict when Access Control is enabled on Home Hub 3 / BT Infinity

Hi, have you tried enabling DMZ on the Xbox ?

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Re: Xbox getting NAT strict when Access Control is enabled on Home Hub 3 / BT Infinity

I've just now tried that and re-enabled access control on the HH.  I'll now check if I can get xBox Live during the permitted time and report back.

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Re: Xbox getting NAT strict when Access Control is enabled on Home Hub 3 / BT Infinity

That may have fixed the isue...will monitor.

A bit more on the issue though.  Even when NAT wasn't strict, it was still having trouble connecting to Xbox Live, although the HH could see the Xbox as a conected device.

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