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NEW: Community Leader Programme

Hi everyone


If you've visited the forums regularly, you’re probably noticed one thing:  there are a number of members who are unusually dedicated to helping others, and to maintaining a positive, productive atmosphere.  


To acknowledge these members – and to help you recognise and thank them – we’ve developed a programme called the Community Leader Programme.  It’s something we’re introducing as a beta effort starting today, 9th November. 


More information on the programme is below.  I hope you’ll join me in congratulating these guys for being selected as our initial Community Leaders.





Community Leader Programme FAQs


What is the Community Leader Programme?

The Community Leader Programme (CLP) recognises members in the community who help other members in a positive way. 


When will the programme begin?  

The programme will begin as a beta trial on 9th November 2010.


How long will the beta trial last for?

The beta will last three to six months.  At the conclusion of the beta, we’ll review the experience and determine whether we can continue it as an ongoing programme. 


How are members chosen?

As you know, we have a ranking structure that focuses primarily on the volume and quality of contributions.  Member contributions are already recognised in this way.  The CLP will allow us to additionally recognise those who embody the spirit of the community – a friendly and constructive environment for BT customers to help other BT customers. 


Who has been chosen?

Starting today, you’ll notice that some members now have a badge against their name that looks like this:


We’ve chosen 7 members to initially participate as Community Leaders for the beta programme.   


What’s in it for the CLP members?

In addition to the recognition that participants will receive for being Community Leaders, we hope to provide other privileges that will help leaders become more informed and valuable to the community. These privileges many include invitations to beta programs, opportunities to collaborate with each other and with BT experts, or other benefits.  This is an optional scheme which carries no obligation to join or duties once membership is granted. It is simply a “thank you” for efforts as helpers and role models.


Who is eligible for the programme?

Anyone who is not a BT employee is eligible.  There is no minimum time requirement for participation, although of course a member would need to be active over time to develop a record of positive participation. 


If I’m not chosen for the beta, can I be a Community Leader in the future?

Yes!  If we adopt the program beyond the beta period, we hope to regularly refresh the group in order to recognise as many worthy members as possible. 


Retired BTCare Community Manager - StephanieG and SeanD are your new Community Managers

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