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NO Reward


I recently signed up to BT with a deal offering a £70 Mastercard reward once I had my internet up and running.  I have now been switched for over a month and despite checking each week on the 'My rewards' it still says I have no reward available. I contacted BT a couple of weeks ago (after nearly 40 minute wait) and was told that I would need to talk to the BT shop and they provided a contact number, I have called the number almost daily and I get the same automated message saying the service is closed today and to contact via email.  I then subsequently emailed the BT shop email provided and had an automated email back saying my request cannot be dealt with via email and to call or use the Live chat service, the latter is currently out of service due to Covid.  I appreciate that we are in strange times but I have done a full loop and still no closer to getting an answer.  I am hoping this forum can help please.


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