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NO Service at all since March

Hi all, 


   I moved into a newly built apartment early March and was told that it would take some time for BT to connect the cable works to the Hud. so after checking from various sources and was certain that the connection was up and running, I ordered Broadband and Phone bundle on the 20st of March. The initial planned engeer visit was on 27th March, guess what the engineer did not turn up.


   I called up and was told that there was a problem with the cable work and i would be called on the 14th April to get an update on the activation of phone line and broadband. Time went passed and I got an text message on the phone and an email saying the activation process was delayed until 23rd April and again pushed back to 9th of May and now it was pushed to 15th of May to get an update on my service, and each time all it said on the email or text message was about confirming to contact me on a specific time about the delay of my service, and something like don't contact them as BT cannot provide any more information. I mean what kind of service is that???


  I simply cannot understand why my service was kept on delaying. If the service was not available (ie the newly built apartments were not connected to the main network) at the first place, then why would I be able to order a bundle specifically for the address but not getting any service?


  I am a college studetn who need the internet constantly to finish up various tasks and having no internet for almost two months is just straight up unbearable. I hope I can be contacted by the moderators here to resolve the problem ASAP.


  Frustrated Student

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Re: NO Service at all since March

Hi Hanoreo,


Thanks for the post and welcome to the forum.  It certainly sounds like there is outstanding work to be completed before we can provide you with a working service, but I can only speculate until I get a look at the order.


Any chance you could drop me an email please.  I would need any order reference numbers that BT has provided or your full address.  A good contact number for yourself would also be handy.  You will find the 'Mods contact link' under the 'About me' section of my profile, just click on my username, SeanD.


I cant promise that we can bring the date forward but I should be able to explain what is causing the hold up.




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