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NOOBIE....infinity connection help

firstly i would like to say hello to everyone......HELLOOOOO!


to the issue.....!


I have infinty connected in my house with the infinity master box ie 2 sockets(1 for phone, 1 for BB), now the issue is that the master box is in the loft and where i need to plug my hub in in the lounge.


when i built the house last year the electrician in his wisdon ran all the hardwire internet connectors to the lounge as this is where the hub was supposed to go, then the BT man came and fitted the master box in the problem said both the BT man and the  electrician, there is a phone socket in the lounge, just plug your hub in there with a filter and all will be fine............, obviously after research i have discovered that this does not this a simple case of changing the master box front to a single phone one so i can extend it or do i have to change out the lounge phone socket to a BB connector(same as top socket on master box) and connect internally in the 2 socket master ( i read there is additional connects in there) or can i connect these 2 mystical wires in the master and just plug a filter in in lounge so i can get BB and a phone in lounge??

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Re: NOOBIE....infinity connection help

The simplest method is to remove the 2 wires in terminals 2&5 of the faceplate of the master in the loft (that go to the lounge) and re-connect them to the data extension terminals. Fit a filter in the socket in the lounge, job done.

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