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NOW TV app with BT subscription

How do I add the NOW TV app like my tablet with the BT subscription I tried so many times change passwords changed emails and I can't add it with with the BT subscription only with with the NOW TV subscription as I got two accounts one with NOW TV itself and one with BT TV can anyone help thank you Ken

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Re: NOW TV app with BT subscription

If it's an Android tablet, go into Apps, select the NowTV app and clear the storage settings, then set it up again from scratch using your BT sign in credentials

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Re: NOW TV app with BT subscription

I have discovered that NOWTV will let you have multiple users on the same email address. They said you can't but then they found that was the problem I was having.

I had two different usernames sharing the same email address. The email address I was login into was then going to the wrong username.

On your BTbox NOW app - go to the account and check the username which should also say "billed bt BT" on that page.

Use that username (rather than email) to login on you iPad.

You need to ensure the BTtv account and NOW tv account are the same username.

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