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NOW TV - buffering issues

HI All,

Have been using the latest UHD box and the NOW TV app for a couple of weeks now...and I'm having a few buffering issues.  When the little coloured circles appear, I find a quick rewind/fast forward can sometimes fix the problem, but if I just leave it then often the problem just doesn't go away.

Anyone else finding this?

I don't have buffering issues if watching NOW TV through my Apple TV, other streaming services on the BT box don't buffer at all.

Any thoughts on whether this could be a setup issue on my side?   I connect to the hub by ethernet cable, though that cable is around 7 years old now...I did wonder if that was part of the issue but I have sat watching the BT UHD sports channel and cannot get that to buffer at all.





BT Update:

Updates from BT can be found on page 3, post 23. Click on this link to read the most recent message:

BT’s latest update on this subject
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Re: NOW TV - buffering issues

Hi @mikef sorry you are experiencing buffering at times on the Now TV package. 
Does it affect all non Sport channels or just some of the other Now TV channels?
Is it possible to test with another Ethernet cable just so we can eliminate it as a possible cause?



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Re: NOW TV - buffering issues

Cheers, it only affects Now TV..I have experienced it on the Entertainment and Movie catch I say, the BT UHD sports channel works fine (I tested that as it needs a faster connection than Now TV) but I will try with a different cable just in case.



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Re: NOW TV - buffering issues

Hi @mikef thanks for the update and let me know how you get on with a different cable.



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Re: NOW TV - buffering issues

I have the exact same issues with the NOWTV app. No issues with UHD channel or any other players. No evidence but I suspect it's an app issue or Sky not having enough bandwidth capicity.
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Re: NOW TV - buffering issues

Sorry to Hi-Jack this,  but I have exactly same problem, and its only with Now TV I initially thought it was my set up and have tried various remedies but non have worked. Have BT discovered the cause?

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Re: NOW TV - buffering issues


I don't think BT would be looking into this tbh as there is only a small number of users reporting the issue.

There is also a number of things which could be causing the issue.

  1. Set-top box firmware needing to be updated
  2. Faulty Ethernet cable
  3. Powerline adapters becoming unlinked
  4. Slow broadband speeds

I think to start with everyone needs to make sure their set-top box is running the latest firmware and then connect the hub to the STB via ethernet.  Then report back if they are still having the same issue.

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Re: NOW TV - buffering issues

So last night I hooked up the ethernet cable that was provided with the box, and watched Lovecraft Country (in 'catchup' mode, not live).

Its an hour long show, and I hit the buffering issue about 45 minutes in.  I had to stop the playback then hit play again and it worked fine till the end.

My box and apps are up to date with firmware.

Whats really bothering me is that I am about to sign my parents up to BT Vision and Now TV...they are both 80 and new to the world of TV streaming...they would not be able to cope with buffering issues.

Guessing this is just a problem we have to live with?






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Re: NOW TV - buffering issues


Thanks for testing.

What sort of broadband speeds do you normally get?

Hopefully, once a few more Community members have tested we will have enough examples for the mods to take notice of this thread. Sadly I'm not having the issue so I can't help on that front.


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Re: NOW TV - buffering issues



Typical download speed is 66Mb.   


I usually stream on an Apple TV device, and I can watch 4K movies on that happily, plus UHD material on Netflix and Amazon Prime.  I can also watch the BT UHD Sport channel with no buffering issues, so my gut feel is that it isn't a broadband speed issue.  

I might power my BT box off/on and see if that helps in case its a memory/caching kind of issue





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